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Matrix Revolutions. Essay

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The Matrix Revolutions the last chapter of the 3 part Sci-Fi thriller of the Matrix Franchise is the greatest movie nobody saw. Matrix Revolutions attempts to retell their version of history by mish mashing different myths together to form a convoluted yet ever confusing combination of stories that when to put together closely resembles the Book of Revelations of the Bible. Matrix's Jesus character is Neo, the 'chosen' one is the 5th incarnate of the anomaly in the Matrix program that saves Zion from extinction and reset. Before delving too deeply into the plot of the movie we must first go back and try to explain the back-story of the movies. The saga starts off with the citizens of Zion in an epic struggle in their already storied struggle to fight the robots from killing off the human race in the Matrix. The Matrix is explained as the unconscious reality while the reality within the Matrix shows the machinery that runs the matrix and that is the machines. The back story with regard how the machines created the Matrix is left to be explained as the prologue to Revolutions Sequel which shows the machines taking over the earth after Artificial Intelligence was perfected the Robots slowly gained power and began to use humans as energy sources for their sustenance. The final battle between robots and humans mirrored the final battle in Revolutions but in this battle the Robots one and gained control and used humans as their slave race to function as batteries keeping them alive through the matrix, a program created by the Architect introduced in Reloaded as the program that created the consciousness of every human creature and the Matrix Anomalies. Because software inevitably has flaws because it's creators are human the architect himself could not predict the software flaws that arose such as the Neo, The Virus, and Oracle. The Oracle is described as the helper of the citizens of Zion in their quest for freedom from the Robots. The Oracle was an outdated program that instead of being deleted from the Matrix stuck around as a utility program that guided Neo in his hero's quest to find salvation for his body. Neo's wife is Trinity whom all his miracles are manifested upon, from the kiss that revived his body from death, to his restarting of her heart after being shot. The helpers inside the Matrix from the keymaker, The Oracle to the Gate Keeper can be seen as the apostles. Agent Smith can be seen as the Devil, the reverse of Neo, who is seen as God, Jesus, Savior, and the creator of all things. Because this story has a lot of Catholic symbolism let us first start with the name of Trinity. Trinity refers to the three gods: Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. The father of the Matrix is the Architect who is a software program written by a human, The Son is Neo a software program who is only mirrored by the Devil Agent Smith, the virus that acts like the Holy Spirit, because like God cannot be seen but his...

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