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Matters Of Race Essay

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The program that I'm going to describe has been broadcasted on Public Television Channel 28 on September 23, 2003.It concerns race relationship in different environments of the US and from different prospectives. The program is divided in three parts; the first one (the one that I'm going to describe) is about a small town in North Carolina where there has been a recent mass immigration of Hispanics.Ten years ago, Siler City, North Carolina, was a black and white town of segregated communities with a shared geography and an unsettled history. This quiet, rural southern town is a "laboratory" for the national transformation that is ...view middle of the document...

A lot of whites sell their houses and move out in the suburbs; they also move their children's from the public school system into the private one.In the meantime the program shows that these new immigrants are here to perform menial jobs that nobody else wants to do, and that their aspirations and dreams are the same of every other American. The program also shows a white pastor who is trying to ease racial tensions by having multicultural events and is trying to bring all races together in his church on Sunday.The program in my opinion was not completely balanced in describing the white inhabitants of this North Carolina town or at least does not seem to care much on having their opinion expressed on the program. The program shows a rally demonstration of David Duke against illegal immigrants and Hispanics, implying that all white are racist. The author fails to understand that a reaction from some people of the town to this sudden and massive arrival of new immigrants is in my opinion understandable.The strength of this program is that the facts are very accurate because a lot of research has been put on it from the author; also is trying not take any racial side by interviewing the different ethnic groups of the town and giving everyone his voice.The program addresses the following questions: how does rapid change in racial demographics affect small-town America? What happens when white people and white culture no longer dominate? What visions of the future do residents have?

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