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Matthew Fontaine Maury Greastest Oceanographer Central Highschool Essay

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Matthew Fontaine Maury was born on January 14, 1806 near Fredericksburg, Virginia. During the years of his youth he spent in Tennessee, but he looked forward to joining the navy, hopefully taking after his older brother who was a naval officer He and his family were strong Christians who were not very wealthy at the time, but they were ok compared to others. His education began in elementary school when he attended an old field school until his father gave into Maury and let him go to Harpeth Academy.
He stayed at Harpeth through high school and then attended West point military Academy through college where he studied oceanography and navigation. He was interested in geophysics, yet never pursued that interest. Many accounts from letters and other documents suggest that he was spoiled, yet proud, very intelligent, and very charming. Other accounts also say that he was not the kind of man to let anyone down and that he worked very hard. From 1825 to 1834, Maury made his first three extended voyages to Europe, around the world, and to the Pacific coast of South America. When he returned in 1834, Maury married Ann Hull Herndon and settled in Fredericksburg, Virginia. During his years Maury produced published works on sea navigation and detailing sea journeys. He also began writing political essays pushing for navy...

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