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Matthew Sams Questions 1. In A Republic, Each Citizen Is

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Matthew Sams QUESTIONS 1. In a republic, each citizen is supposed to play a role in governing the state, unlike a democracy 2. The class structure frame was a government where citizens elected representatives to rule on their behalf. It was dominated and ruled by the aristocracy. Only men or "citizens" were allowed to vote.3. The plebeians elected their own representatives, called tribunes, who gained the power to veto measures passed by the senate. Gradually, the plebeians got more power and could hold the position of consul. The plebeians were not active in the government because they had no right to do so although eventually they elected their own representatives, called tribunes.4. Between 900 and 800 B.C.E., the ...view middle of the document...

C.E., after 200 years of fighting with the Etruscans.6D 5. Roman family life was a patriarchy. That is, the oldest male had power over the rest of the family. The wife was expected to manage the household and to remain loyal and obedient to her husband. Women could not hold political office, but in later years of the Empire women gained more rights, like the right to own property.6. The Romans feasted on three Mediterranean foods: grain, grapes, and olives. The grain was used to make bread, the grapes to make wine, and the olives to make olive oil.7. The baths were places where men and women could go to socialize, exercise, read, and relax, and get clean.8. They used smoking, drying, cheese-making, honey, and salting as ways to preserve food.6E 9. The Etruscans of northern Italy originally held public games, (ludi), which featured games like gladiator battles and chariot races, as a sacrifice to the gods.10. Contests where hungry animals fought against gladiators a.k.a "wild beast hunts" 11. Circus Maximus was the most popular among the Romans. These games consisted of chariot races, two- or four-horse chariots ran seven laps totaling anywhere from three to five miles.12. Gladiator games might last all day and one gladiator died but most of the time the loosing gladiator is slaughtered. Sometimes the fate of the gladiator rests in the crowds hands though, they get to decide.13.They were prosecuted because they wouldn't violate the commandments of Christ, including serving in the army, engage in commerce, or loan money. As a result, the Romans would punish the Christians. A Christian would have a painful death over being reinstated as a full citizen with all privileges when incense over a lighted alter.

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