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Mature Outside, Childish Inside Essay

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Like other teens, fifteen year old Connie also had that youthful coquetry that she could just not control and had to let out to feel that mental pleasure of her actions she was trying to obtain. Unlike her older sister who was living the “in-home and innocent youth” life which was expected to be the “normal” American tradition for women to act, air-headed Connie had that flame inside her to rebel and the only way she could extinguish that flame was to give in to the stranger, Arnold Friend. Connie’s conflicts with her family and efforts to make herself sexually attractive are part of her search for independence and exploration. But her out of control desires and goals to “mature” only lead her into the wrong path.
As a teenager Connie still somewhat needs the help of adults in her life mostly her family, for care and discipline as well as for establishing her social life because she has not yet fully developed in becoming independent but only rather attempts to act that way. For example, her friend’s father drives Connie and her friend to the movie theater. Even though Connie occasionally fights against her family, particularly her mother and sister, they sum up to be the only life she really knows. Her new concepts with attempting to create a sexy appearance and attracting boys to herself in the local diner serve as her attempt to explore new worlds as well as a new side of herself. However, until Arnold Friend arrives, almost all of her previous explorations have always been done in safety. She may go into an alley with a boy for a few hours, but no matter what happens there, she knows she will eventually be driven back home to the safety of her family.
Connie’s sexual desires can be shown throughout the story in the form of music. Music is used throughout the story. "The music was always in the background," the narrator tells us, "like music in a church service, it was something to depend upon” being played all around, out of radios in...

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