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Maturity And Me Essay

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What makes a person mature? Is it the way people interact with each other in a way that politeness is the highest priority? Does it have something to do with the growth of the body? Well, whatever it is I have heard it a thousand times over and over again from different people and I never really understood it. Some people just come up to me and say “You have to grow up you know because the world is no place for sophomoric children!” When I hear these words I often ask myself what ‘world’ they are talking about. Is it the graceful world from story books and fairytales that everyone wishes to live in? Maybe it is the world of old battles and conflicts that mark the world with a bitter taste of terror. However, I believe that they all talk about our world, were manifestation plays a great role in our current society and the responsibility to maintain a constant bloom of improvement in both economical and technological areas which thrives ourselves to become mature.
From the beginning I always had the intention to do something that gets me in trouble later on. It reached as far as hiding pencil cases from fellow classmates to breaking a window in my own neighborhood. I loved the thrill of getting in trouble because it gave me an adrenaline rush as it did for my friends when they were chased after, by angry housekeepers. My friends and I had the time of our lives as we did not care about responsibility. Most of us did not even know what this word meant because we had too much fun throwing paper planes in the classroom than paying attention to Mr. Kreizer, our assigned teacher. We did not have a teacher for each subject rather only one that teaches everything in one classroom. This meant to us a lot because our class was like a family that sustained only as long as everyone worked together.
Usually, whenever I have done something bad I am being punished by apologizing either to my father or the person I committed the incident. Only once in my life, I have been punished so harsh that even shocked my mother for months. It left me scars and an unforgettable memory that I can recall even nowadays by looking into the mirror. On that particular day I have finally realized what being irresponsible can lead to and I swore to myself that I will not debate with my parents about what I have done, is right.
Being misled by my friends and even my own intuition destroyed my reputation in the area I have lived. The Germany I know was not...

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