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Maturity, Prepared On Personal Experience Essay

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A crucial milestone in a person's life is the day someone calls them mature. There are about a thousand "How To" books on becoming a mature individual and none of them compare to personal experience. Maturity is not dependent on age, but the over ambiance of life and how it is lived. To be a mature individual is not something that is achieved quickly. It takes time to learn and live the various levels of maturity. Maturity is often obtained in adult hood, but in today's world it is hard to find a mature person under the age of 40. To be defined as mature, he or she must not only be wise, but humble, and compromising.Wisdom is a state of the human mind characterized by profound understanding and deep insight. It is often, but not necessarily, accompanied by extensive knowledge; though the wise can be found among the carpenters, fishermen, and even housewives. Wherever it exists, wisdom shows itself as a perception of the relativity and association among things. It is an awakening of completion that does not lose sight of particularity or concreteness, or of the intricacies of interrelationships. It is where self-awareness is no longer at odds with awareness in the diversity of this world. Wisdom cannot be confined to a specialized field. It is not an academic discipline, but the consciousness of the integrity, and a sign of maturity by its complexity.Helen Keller once said, "I long to accomplish great and noble tasks, but it is my chief duty to accomplish humble tasks as though they were great and noble."Humility is a person's respect and compassion towards humanity. The sophistication brought by the dignified composure gives of the essence of a mature individual....

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