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Maupassant And Thurber's Use Of Irony And Conflict To Explore And View Marital Relationships

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During the early 1900s there was a slow and powerful movement from negative emphasis in the critical examination of American life and modern society as a whole to positive revaluation of materials and affirmation. A few writers attained positive reviews early in this period and in their careers. A large number receive negative reviews. However, among the writers of eminence and influence, many of those individual’s development corresponded to the general pattern. The character of the ultimate affirmation varied widely. The findings included positive values in democracy, in materialism, in the common man in religion, in man’s relation to the earth and in human life as a whole. Guy de Maupassant and James Thurber used the techniques of irony and conflict to explore and view marital relationships.
“Guy de Maupassant’s, “The Necklace”, is about a young couple who discovers the upper society appears to sparkles like a real diamond necklace, but in reality it is not always true. A decision that seems to protect their integrity turns out to tarnish it – like a fake necklace. However, through ironic insights we witness drama, character revelations and experience surprise” (Clugston, 2010) .The Necklace is told from a 3rd person point of view with limited omniscience. The title suggests that the plot will center on a necklace. So, naturally we, the audience or reader wants to know what the significance of the necklace is. After reading the story I believe that Maupassant used the necklace to symbolize the upper society or wealth. Another symbol that the necklace represents is appearance. In the story Mme. Loisel was a beautiful young woman that had admirers at the reception. She made all the attendees believe she was from the upper society but just like the necklace she borrowed it was a shame or fake. So we, the readers, can assume that Maupassant has more than one symbolic meaning for the necklace. But the moral can be that wealth just keeps you wanting more until you ruin yourself, while poverty teaches appreciation. “Maupassant seems (http:// to be reinforcing on the fact that shows your true selves to others and don’t indulge in things that are beyond your capacity or reach. It is not money or high status that brings you respect but your good work and good name in society that heightens you in people’s estimation. And borrowing is never a good habit” (http:// The action of the story begins when M.Loisel, antagonist, brings home an invitation to a reception. The young couple squabbles about attending the reception. Here we see the conflict of man vs. man (husband vs. wife). This often happens with young married couples. Finally, M.Loisel offers to buy his wife a dress to wear to the event. After, Mme. Loisel gets the dress but complains that she does not have any jewels to wear with her dress. M.Loisel tells his wife, “My, but you’re silly” trying to assure that she was beautiful...

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