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Maus Vs. Schindler's List Essay

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Andy Chen-3rd Period: Schindler’s List vs. Maus
A powerful and provocative graphic novel, Maus, generates a Jewish individual’s life of grotesque and horror. With its ability of perception and interpretation, it tackles the main points of the ominous Holocaust and delivers a spooky aura to the absorbed audience. In comparison to Schindler’s List, the graphic novel shines brightly than the pale movie due to its realism and humor that is constantly present throughout the storyline. The novel has the ability to connect to the audience; thus, it gives an in-depth look and overall comprehension of the massacre that Spiegelman is trying to communicate. The graphic novel, Maus by Art Spiegelman, brings an honest account of the Holocaust to a wide audience because of its historical truth and intriguing viewpoints and characters that shows the effect and process of the genocide.
Maus enters the realm of animals which is adamantly stressed in the graphic novel; therefore, it creates a sense of symbolism and figurative aspects from the compelling outlook of the Holocaust. During the time when Vladek was in a military tent to provide support for the Nazis, he had to go urinate which ultimately almost cost him his life. “That night I went out for the tent…I had to urinate and a guard began shooting to me” (Spiegelman 62). The author, Artie, depicts this panel in his novel seriously when Vladek was the victim of getting shot. The Jewish are displayed as mice and specifically the shadows and dark counter-outlines in the page give it an overall honest feeling that captivates the readers of the dangers in the scenario. By showing how Jewish are drawn as mice, who in the general public is viewed upon as weak and fragile, the audience may attach the notion of an idealistic prey to the Nazis. As another striking example, Vladek gets tormented by the Nazi officer and inveighing harsh innuendos when Vladek had to line up in front of the officer. “Do you expect to do some business here? Show me your hands! You never worked a day in your life” (Spiegelman 51). Artie portrays the Nazi as a feline cat; thus, the audience can pull the pieces of the puzzles together and simulate the concept of predator and prey. In the panel where the officer grabs Vladek’s hand, the calloused hand of the officer gesticulates the hand of Vladek’s which pales in contrast with the textures displayed. Indefinitely, this illustrates a more critical epitome of the massacre that gives off a tingling vibe that interests the audience deeply. In the movie, Schindler’s List, there is a girl with a red coat that glitters more color than the rest of the characters in the black and white film. “The girl runs away from all the rambunctious gun noises outside of the city. Then, she goes inside a house and crawls underneath the bed” (Spielberg). The director’s use of characters and prominent colors shows many useless scenes that are too exaggerated to understand which sadly derives the audience from the...

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