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Maximizing Productivity Of Employees In The Health Information Services

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To maximize productivity and motivate employees enough to boost their performance, goals need to be SMART (-specific, measurable, achievable by being action-oriented, realistic/relevant and time-based). The principles of goal setting are applied in various ways as health information managers and directors reengineer, restructure, redesign work and redesign jobs using concepts from the hard factors of organizational structures and bureaucracies and the soft human factors of organizational behavior/motivation/organizational context.
In Health Information Services (HIS) departments, work changes (gradually or incrementally) over time. For example, the department transitions from a paper-based to an electronic system for maintaining records. To support electronic health records, at the organizational level, new roles arise in jobs related to project/financial and clinical terminology systems.
These goals are specific as they are consistent with organization-wide structures or organizational context. Organizational goals are realistic and action-oriented/achievable; work is restructured by ensuring that the pace of change or multiplicity of roles does not alter jobs to the point of distortion, fragmentation and overload. To measure these goals, managers use indicators of changes in work to study the effects of sector-wide and organizational events on the workload and performance of employees.
To ensure that employees are motivated to achieve their goals, managers use indicators to observe turnover and employee habits such as absenteeism, tardiness, professionalism and stress.
The timeliness of goals is also important; they are long-term in cases where the department aims to change its composition in terms of credentials, educational levels and span of control. For sequential jobs which involve interactions with other departments and units or within teams, goal

setting ensures that employees do not experience role ambiguity and feel they are losing control over their individual “turf”.
Job enrichment involves adding new tasks at higher levels of skill, responsibility and accountability. The principles of job enrichment are applied through job redesign techniques that can overcome job dissatisfaction/employee alienation and offset the monotony of routine tasks.
First, job enrichment involves introducing variety and decreasing specialization in work and jobs in departments. This ensures that...

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