Maximizing Students Classroom Behavior Through Interaction

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Improving Students' Classroom Behaviour by Maximizing Teacher-Student Interaction during Class. Purnama N.F. Lumban Batu. STIP Jakarta.Behaviour is one thing that is really important in one's life achievement. Behaviours will develop into character that defines one's future. Further, a research of Swick shows that a student's behaviour in the classroom significantly affects his/her behaviour outside the classroom, as in the real world. This article is focusing on a way to improve the students' behaviour in the classroom. Teachers, as students' motivator and role model, can encourage them to improve their behaviour through the limited learning process at school. It not through the presented material, yet it is through the way the material is presented in the class, the interaction led by the teacher. This article is trying to apply the communication science into classical teaching-learning process related to Skinner behaviourism theory. The better the stimulus, the better the response will be. Interaction is seen as the stimulus and the students' behaviour is seen as the response to it. The better the interaction, the better the behaviour will be.Keyword: behaviour, interaction, communication skill, stimulus, response.To become a competent person both in academic and life skills, a student is expected to have a good attitude and behaviour. To students who spend their 6 - 8 hours at school per day, schools have become dominant factor in the formation of learner behaviour (Swick: 1987). In addition to being students, this process will be significantly influenced by their behaviour in the classroom when having classes. Therefore, the behaviour outside the classroom and in the classroom are closely related one to another (ibid. 8). Behaviour outside the classroom could have an impact from the establishment of acceptable behaviour in the classroom and behaviour in the classroom may also be the impact of his behaviour outside of class formation.Students' behaviour is one element that need to be observed as it affects the efficiency and effectiveness of the educational process. Disruptive behaviour of the students will interfere the learning process, thus will affect the achievement as well. Research has shown that learners who actively participate in the school environment generally have a positive attitude (Swick: 1987).Teaching and learning process process is a process of interaction where students and teachers influence each other not only in the minds but also in the actions. The basic patterns of interactions that occur in Teaching and learning process process are: the teacher and the student, a students with other student (s), and between a student and the teacher. The activity during class hours are the main act of teaching-learning process, so teachers focus more on the interaction occurs in this limited period of time.Indonesian system of education focuses on the end-result in score- as in they will fail the school if they do not reach the...

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