Maximizing Your Brain’s Potential Essay

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Structural plasticity is network connectivity or structure. Network structure decides the flow of electrical activity in every neural system and determines its functional and calculation properties. Electrical activation of the neuron departs along with an intracellular increasing in calcium that induces morphological modification of the neuron on a slower time scale. Morphological changes in numbers of dendritic spine and axonal bouton, as well as elongation, retraction and branching of axons and dendrites have straight impact on network connectivity even in the adult brain. The morphological changes, the synapses can break, the new synapses may form and axonal branches can be re-routed. Sequentially, rewired network connectivity gives rise to a changed activity dynamic and can hold a long term memory formation as a source. Structural plasticity constitutes local structure and global network. When local structural changes, the lasting disturbances at the single neuron balance which is in electrical activity may entail alterations in global network topology. On the contrary, global topology can have impact on local reparation since certain network topologies can better maintain local structural plasticity mechanisms for supporting neuronal homeostasis than others.
Animal studies have found that enriched environments can induce significant changes in the brain. Psychologist Mark Rosenzweig found that the brains of rats raised in enriched environments were significantly different from the brains of rats rose in impoverished environments. It is not only including enhanced functioning and development related to cognitive capacity, learning, memory, and resilience, but also including more neurons, longer dendrites, more connections, heavier brains, greater brain mass, more intra- and intercortex connectivity, and enlarged capillaries. Enrichment produces more synaptic connections between brain neurons. With more synaptic connections, the rain has a greater capacity to integrate and process information and to do so more quickly. Enrichment increases the number of synapses in the cortex by as much as 20 percent. In fact, no matter what the age of the rats, enrichment had a significant impact on brain structure. Enrichment has also been shown to increase the rate of neurogenesis in many different species, from rodents to monkeys. Both the number and the survival time of new neurons increase in response to enrichment. Interestingly, while enriched environments can increase neurogenesis, social isolation and a stressful environment decrease neurogenesis. Collectively, these changes result in increased processing and communication capacity in the brain. Behaviorally, enrichment has been shown to enhance performance on task designed to measure learning and memory, such as performance in...

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