Maximum Light Book Report

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Maximum Light is a science fiction novel that takes place in the United States about forty years into the future. The book is made up of 3 different intertwining stories about three different main characters: Shana Walders, Nick Clementi and Cameron Atuli.At the time that the story takes place, humanity's ability to conceive children has been reduced by synthetic endocrine disrupters, pollution and other chemical dangers. Fertility is at an all-time low and human cloning is impossible. Cloned human eggs just divide into thirty cells and then fail to differentiate. They will just keep growing into a mass of undefined cells until they are stopped. Children are scarce and sought-after. They are considered a "natural resource" and are protected fervently.Shana Walders is a nineteen year old that has just finished her national service and has no family and no where to go. On her last mission with the national service corps Shana was sent with a civilian to find his lost pet after an explosion. The civilian ran away and Shana chased after him. He ran into a warehouse and when he came out Shana saw the most shocking sight ever. The man was carrying a cage. In the cage were three baby chimpanzees. These were not normal chimps though. Instead of ape faces, they had the identical faces of a human child. Their hands were human hands as well.Nick Clementi is an elderly physician placed of a government medical committee that is faced with a predicament: a young girl just out of national service claims to have seen a man carrying three chimpanzees with human feces. The committee knows that the only way this would be possible is through vivifacture. Vivifacture is a technique for engineering human tissue. The tissues are grown on polymer, biodegradable "scaffolds"...

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