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Maxine Waters: Raising Consciousness, Not Money

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Maxine Waters: Raising consciousness, not money

As one of the most powerful African American women in American politics today, Maxine Waters yields respect from both her allies and adversaries. (Dowd 8/22/83) As a member of the House of Representatives, who holds great command, Ms. Waters has a obligation, one might say a calling, to truly serve her constituency, to fight their struggles, to raise consciousness regarding the state of American society today, and to lend her constituency hope.

Ms. Waters represents the 35th district of California, a region of California that encompasses the infamous South Central Los Angeles, that was brought to the attention of the Nation, during the 1992 LA Riots, which Ms. Waters quickly defends as a revolution. (Southgate, 12/13/93) Her district, which is predominantly African American, has suffered from years of urban decay, unemployment is high, families are poor, drugs are abundant, and violence has become a normal everyday occurrence. In such dire conditions, Ms. Waters has come forward as a champion for"her people,"as she affectionately refers to her constituency. Essentially, as a congresswoman, she has made Black America her agenda. She has set this Agenda as her number one priority, which became abundantly clear in the recent Impeachment hearings in Congress. As Ms. Waters' says,"I don't have time to be polite,"and she certainly does not have time to waste on an impeachment process, that has little to with law but more to do with partisan revenge.

Although Waters is clearly dedicated to the African American community, her advocacy for her community undoubtedly provides a voice, to some extent, to all oppressed groups in our society, women, children, the poor and other minority populations. The recent publicity brought to the judiciary committee due to the Presidential Impeach, a committee on which Waters' serves, cast her into the lime light, given her a platform to state her agenda, her concerns, and to point out the skewed set of priorities that exists in American Politics today.

Maxine Waters is not a naÔve woman, she has seen and she has felt the painful hand of oppression. The hand of oppression has laid it's wrath upon her and her constituency, America's minorities, particularly African Americans, with such force that the blow, be it the pain, the social inequality, the outright disrespect for humanity that blacks in the country have experienced, may have inflicted a lifelong scar. The vast injustice that the African American community has felt, since the moment the first African was placed in chains in brought to this country has been nothing but a travesty, that has and will undoubtedly plague this nation for decades, if not centuries to come. Such circumstances have ignited a passion in Congresswoman Maxine Waters, that have led her to a life of commitment to her people, our nation's minorities, and to reforming our political system, our ideology, our society.

There are many...

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