Maxwell The Hero In Freak The Mighty

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In today's society there are lots of people that believe that dumb people can not accomplish anything in there whole life. From the book Freak the Mighty this point is proven wrong. Max and Kevin, are the two most important characters in Freak the Mighty, they can both be described as dynamic characters. Each of them goes through major changes that are revealed through their actions, and by what the author says about them. Maxwell embodies the archetype of the hero's journey. I will discuss this issue using the fact that he has a birth, a calling/journey, and a return.

Maxwell has a birth from the archetype of the hero?s journey. Maxwell was born in Chivalry, Montana where his parents lived. At the age of four he saw his dad murder his mom and run away. From that day on, Maxwell lived with his grandparents. His grandparents always hated him and he was never loved since they saw him as the murderer?s son. So, Maxwell grew up alone and he lived in the basement of his grandparent?s home. His dad?s name was Killer Kane and he was told by everyone that both of his parents were dead. Although Maxwell lived with his grandparents he had no knowledge at all, he was very dumb, had no knowledge about anything, and he was really huge. Since everyone heard about his father Killer Kane, when Maxwell went to his school everyone thought he was mean just like his father but in reality he wouldn?t hurt a fly. Maxwell was also frequently sent to the principles office for not listening to the teacher when she was talking and for never paying attention.

Maxwell has a calling/journey from the archetype of the hero?s journey. His calling was when he saw Freak all ways doing his work and never paying attention to anyone else accept the teacher. From that day onwards he always sat right next to him trying to always talk to him but he couldn?t. Then one day Freak talked to him which was the beginning of a huge friendship, which was his calling. After they had a huge friendship, Freak teaches him how to use a dictionary, and also teaches him all the stuff they did at school. After the friendship gets closer and closer Maxwell understands what the problem is with Freak, which was that he could not walk since he was handicap. So, then Maxwell carries him around on his shoulder and Freak for...

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