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Is The Statue Of Liberty A Lie?

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Is The Statue of Liberty a Lie?

The issue of immigration has shaped the history of the United States throughout the years of its existence. People from numerous different countries have immigrated to America in search of a better life and new opportunities. While Americans often ponder whether immigration is a benefit to society, legislators have recently enacted many anti-immigration laws which have been enforced to keep control over illegal immigration. Many different positions exist concerning illegal immigration in the United States. Advocates for Proposition 187 would suggest that illegal immigration is greatly increasing the population of the country, crowding schools, and denying many basic rights to citizens. Opponents indicate that immigration laws are discriminatory and that there are simple solutions to the overall issue. Every different stance that is taken on the issue is bound to have consequences; therefore impossible to reach a consensus.

Illegal immigrants have been a concern in the United States for many years. As the population grows larger, less space is available, particularly in California. Citizens from countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador flee to America with hopes of finding a stable job and a new home, but they are not always welcome. As more illegal aliens cross the borders, less jobs and educational opportunities are available for citizens of the United States. Some may argue that the rights of Americans should be served before those who enter this country illegally. In 1994, in the state of California, Proposition 187 was passed to ensure the security of America’s citizens. Proposition 187 denies public social services, publicly-funded health care, and public education to people who are suspected of being illegal immigrants. While this law is well meaning, it often targets innocent immigrants. In Los Angles, California, elementary schools have been greatly affected by the anti-immigration laws. Teachers are forced to report to authorities which children they believe could possibly be illegal immigrants. Those children are then removed from school and often times sent back to their home country. Tom Bradley, mayor of Los Angeles in 1994, stated “it is not fair to turn the children of illegal immigrants into scapegoats by ejecting them from public schools and denying them vital health services” (Ono 92). Even if children who are legal citizens are not forced out of their school, their parents will still be deported from the United States leaving the children with nothing. Fourteen-year-old Simon Romero says about his parents, “It’s not my fault my parents are here illegally…. If they have to leave, what am I going to do?” (Ono 94) This is true in many family situations. The parents may be illegal, but the child is born in the United States. One of the biggest controversies is how Proposition 187 will affect the children of illegal immigrants.

Opponents to immigration...

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