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In a red beanie chair beside Mrs. Barnes desk in the back of the room I sat with my knees pulled up to my chest and Charlotte’s Web balanced on top. As I read I became a girl determined to save a baby pig, a spider with an incredible web, and a lonely pig. I traveled through the story as if it was my life I was reading about. Books take me on a journey to unimaginable worlds where I can be a damsel in distress, or a circus freak, I can ride a flying pig or stand beside Martin Luther King Jr. as he makes his speeches. Early, on I had teachers who encouraged me to find books that I enjoyed and that could transport me but there are very few teachers who encourage their kids to read and enjoy it. Most teacher assign books that will match the curriculum the school board makes up disregarding the possibility that we might enjoy reading if the right material is found. Teachers have the ability to influence the perspective of how we views reading and, the capability to help transport us into books.
Deborah Brandt says, “People don’t become literate on their own; rather, literacy is sponsored by people.”(Deborah B., 331) As a children we are read to and enjoy the stories we hear, we don’t cry, yell, or scream we sit and listen to the story as if we are the main character. But many times as we learn to read on our own we lose the interest in stories we once had, this has to do with the teachers who influence us. Teachers who force books onto us can cause us to lose the wonder we once had when reading. Teachers need to be aware of us and how they force books on to us. By asking us to read and find a book that we would enjoy within a specific genre they can encourage to participate in the assignment. In high school as a project we were asked to go to the library and find a book in the fiction section. As we all went searching for our books I could look up and see the excitement in everyone’s face. We were given the freedom to choose any book we wanted and by this we were encouraged to read for the assignment. Giving students the freedom to choose their books and to choose what they read can inspire them to read for the required assignment not just for the grade but to enjoy the story also.
Many times when we are given the choice to read or not we will pick the latter because we know that no matter what nothing the teacher can say will get us excited for the assignment. Teachers need to also realize that they are the reason for our animosity towards reading. When a teacher assigns a book they are usually very sullen about the idea of the assignment. By having this expression the teacher is setting the mood for the reading and discouraging us from reading. When I was sitting in my freshman English class my teacher got out her large teacher’s addition of the textbook flipped to Romeo and Juliet and stated in a monotone voice for us to get...

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