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Maya Angelou! Essay

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Born to a decaying marriage and unstable household, Maya Angelou thrills her poetic intentions through her dominant and eloquent words. Maya Angelou, center of mysterious and descendants of the broken, like a champion, she rose out of the ashes and into the lights of the stage. An American author and artist who has been called “America’s most visible black female autobiographer” by dozens of people, has made remarkable recognitions all around the word. She is best known for her sequence of six autobiographical stories, focusing on her childhood and early adulthood. Her writing, through the eyes and experiences of a black woman, can lend a structure to the study of racial relations ...view middle of the document...

The children were sent alone on a train to Stamps, Arkansas to live with their paternal grandmother. The grandmother, Annie Henderson, owed a general store and did well financially during the depression. During this time, there existed many impure thoughts, saying, and actions to the colored residents. Ms. Henderson had the delight and means to care for the children, but the small Arkansas town also exposed them to segregated south and related injustices. Marguerite lived with her grandmother, brother, and an uncle who was disabled, but often help Annie Henderson in the store. The children lived with their grandmother for four years until their father, Bailey send them back to take care of their mother in St. Louis. They returned to their grandmother once again in their children later to realize that they had gone back to their mother when Marguerite had finish grammar school. Thereby, Vivian Johnston lived in San Francisco at the time. Marguerite as well as Bailey enjoyed the presence of a caring and loving stepfather when they moved to San Francisco. Bailey was a continuous existence in Marguerite childhood and remained that why throughout the rest of her life.
When Marguerite and Bailey lived, with their mother in St. Louis, her mother’s boyfriend, Freeman, raped Marguerite. He told her that he would kill her beloved brother, Bailey if she told anyone. Even though Freeman threatened her, Marguerite could not have stay quiet with something so horrific. She told Bailey, who told their maternal grandmother about the incident. The man acknowledged his guilt, but maternal uncles murdered him after he spent one day in jail. When Marguerite heard about Freeman’s death, she became muted and she did not speak for about five years. After the murder Bailey and Marguerite went back to take care of their grandmother for quite some time.
Marguerite attended a predominantly white associated school, Washington High in San Francisco. She was a troubled kid, who was having difficulty finding out who she really was and her actual identity. She did not want to be seemed like a little girl that her parents would always treat her like. Therefore, she figures she should do something a little girl would not do. Marguerite wanted to experience how having sex would seem like thus, she convinced a local boy to have sex with her and she became pregnant. In 1944, Marguerite gave birth to her son Clyde “Guy” Johnston when she was just sixteen years old just after she graduated from high school in 1945. She worked as the first African American streetcar conductor in San Francisco during her high school years. Just as a young mother, she experienced life in poverty and a world of prohibited activity. She experienced multiple traumas during her early years as a poor, single mother, including the kidnapping of her son by her babysitter.
Marguerite was impacted by Mrs. Flowers, a woman of great influence in the black community of Stamps. Ms. Flowers knew that Marguerite...

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