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Maya Angelou Poem Analysis

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Poems are a way of expressing the feelings and emotions that the writer chooses to describe, usually using symbolic objects and comparing it to another thing using figurative language. There were many poets that came and went throughout history and there are still a lot today, one of which really caught my attention and her name is Maya Angelou. Maya Angelou is a very astounding poet with her 166 poems, but one really stood out to me and that was The Lesson. Maya Angelou had a very difficult life with the many challenges she faced being an African American during the timeframe of her life and she outlined these troubles in most of her writings. With her circumstances she just kept moving ...view middle of the document...

During this time she really looked back on her life and started writing poems about how she pulled through these tragedies.
This poem mainly depicts Maya's early life, her mistakes, and all the bad things that changed her life. Her poem is a good poem because it showed her perseverance through life and it really showed that she kept going no matter what happened whether in her favor or not. Her poems really stand out because when you read them they aren't very specific on one topic and can be read to describe multiple aspects of her life. In The Lesson for example we see that she felt like she was dying in a physical and emotion state. This poem also shows us that she she felt so much better finally letting go of her hidden torments. During the time she was alive there was a lot of segregation issues which I feel had some influence over her thoughts making her feel kind of unimportant or minor, but she really showed her importance trying to help Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. to fix this problem (Maya Angelou by DC Aries | Humanities 360). During the time this poem was written she felt guilty for indirectly killing her mom's boyfriend; though with good reason she kept that information deep down inside herself. Upon release a few bad situations to arise.
The title of this poem emphasizes a new beginning and throughout the poem she does mention how bad things become and that it is good to stand up and face what happened or is happening, because if you "die" you are in a worse situation. As the poem is read through we notice that many things are fading and falling apart, if you know her backstory you are more intone with what is happening in this poem, but if not it is understood that there is something crucial that happened to her and has caused her great...

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