Maya Lin: Planning To Design The Vietnam Veterans Memorial In Washington Dc

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Memorials not only remind people about specific events and leaders, but also sets history in stone for future generations. When creating and building a memorial for a specific person or event, many factors should be considered. Sometimes, these memorials honor great achievement while others pay homage to deep sacrifice. However, there are many ways to memorialize people or events, locally or nationally, ranging from pictures to monuments. When considering to memorialize a person or event, agencies and groups should consider purpose, location and size of the monument in order to effectively pay homage to deep sacrifice and great achievements.
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Other factors that agencies and groups should consider when creating a monument is the location. A Holocaust museum was created within the Mall in Washington DC, however, some people believed that the United States should not have built the memorial because they "did little to stop the Holocaust from occurring" (Source E). Even though it was created in The Mall, Jewish people believe that it creates contradicting ideas since during the Holocaust, other countries would not help the Jewish people fleeing from Hitler's reign. Also, the fact that the United States population carries a diversity of different ethnicities means that the significance of the Holocaust memorial would diminish to people that were not affected by the Holocaust. However, in another area, a monument of Christopher Columbus looking into the sky was placed in Riverside Park, Easton, Pennsylvania (Source B). Because the monument was placed within a park, people can respect nature while respecting the founder of America. However, if the monument were to be placed in another location like the middle of New York, less people would respect it since most of the people in New York are either shopping or trying to get to their work place. Location is another factor that needs to be considered before agencies and groups can begin creating the memorial.
Agencies and groups also should consider the size of the memorial when creating the monument. Originally, Albert Abraham created the first Holocaust Museum design however, the commission of fine arts refused the design because they felt that "the massive building would overcome The Mall and take away the main purpose of the museum, which was meant to be a...

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