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Mayan Ruins Essay

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While staying at the Honduras rentals, one must explore the ancient Mayan ruins which are steeped in history and culture. As you move around the varied structures such as the temple, sculptors, stairways, courtrooms and other monuments, you will notice a distinctive sculptural style that earmarked the entire Mayan utilization. To enjoy the principal ceremonial sites of the Mayan ruins, make sure you do not hush-hush your exploration trip. The Copan Ruins are located in the western part of Honduras. The ruins are about 60 kilometers from the border with Guatemala. The Copan Ruins has more than 5,000 elaborately carved structures which include scuptlers depicting rulers and the locals, temples, monuments, ceremonial sites, alters, murals, etc. Following are the main areas of interest in the Copan Ruins.

The Hieroglyphic Stairway
The Hieroglyphic stairway erected by King Smoky Shell is so far the most famous of all Copan's monuments. It is here you can see the system of writing developed by the Mayan people. The Hieroglyphic stairway is full of Glyphs, a pictorial form of writing. The Glyphs on the stairways depict sthe story and achievement of the royal house of Copan. The Hieroglyphic stairway is also known as Structure 26, and is the longest known text of ancient Mayan civilization.

Archaeologists have excavated 4km of tunnels under the Acropolis. Of all the tunnels uncovered, presently only two the Rosalina Tunnel and the Jaguar Tunnel are open for public viewing for a fee. As you explore the tunnels, you will find several hieroglyphic texts dating back to the early dynastic rulers. Remnants of the old temples can be seen within the tunnels.

The Acropolis

A raised royal complex on the south side, the Acropolis was the royal complex constructed at the heart of Copán city. It comprises of two plazas; the West Court and the East...

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