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Maybe Tomorrow Essay

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Storytelling is an integral part of life for Indigenous Australians. From an early age, storytelling plays a vital role in educating children. The book MAYBE TOMORROW narrated by Boori Pryor with Meme McDonald was out March 1998. It is an intimate, provocative and deeply moving autobiography of one Aboriginal man's life, which is author's life, his successes and failures, triumphs and tragedies, told in a compelling, honest and uplifting way. Boori is an engaging performer and a terrific public speaker. He performs regularly for school children. Everyone he meets is touched by his message of reconciliation, respect and tolerance.Boori Pryor is an educator and travels around Australia, performing and talking to school and community groups about his life experiences and Aboriginal way. Why he is doing this, is the basis of this autobiography.Boori's people are from north-east Queensland and he comes from a large family of seven sisters and three brothers. Two brothers and one sister have committed suicide and his thirteen-year-old nephew was killed in a car crash.These tragedies would be enough to embitter a lesser person, however Boori, who had his own promising career as a DJ in Melbourne, gave it up to carry on the work of his passionate brother, Paul. He says that from school he 'learnt the tools to survive in a white world'. And from his family, he 'learnt the tools to survive in the black world'. In his present career, he uses the tools from both worlds to 'shape my inner self and then to communicate this to other people.By taking on this role, Boori seeks to connect himself with his land and his people. We realise reconciliation is taking place on may fronts: Boori is coming to terms with his personal losses; reclaiming his Aboriginality; and dedicating his life to reconciliation, because he believes that this is the key to a harmonious future.Boori's experiences in schools are interwoven into his story. He draws in stories about his family and offers some practical suggestions for facilitating reconciliation. His language is standard English yet there are turns of phrase and expression and a looseness about the telling that make it distinctly Aboriginal.Pryor wins audience confidence in the power of his storytelling through his experiences with the kite hawks. He had been dancing the Kite-Hawk dance at a school and on his way home a pair of kite hawks followed him and hovered over his car for several minutes. To him their cries were saying, "Don't forget. Don't forget. Don't forget us" to aboriginal people it is a message from the old people saying "keep going".Relating the response of kids to his stories is another effective technique he uses to achieve his purpose in Maybe tomorrow. For example when one girl was crying and she asked "How come u dun hate us white people?" Boori answered the lil girl question in a very calm way "well, it's not ur fault all that happened. But it will be ur fault if u dun listen & learn from the past....

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