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Intro Aims and Objectives - Hypotheses 1During my project I will be investigating the relationship between interlinked types of data, from students at Mayfield High school. Mayfield School is a fictitious place; data on the school is available on a range of information. There is discrete and continuous data. For my first hypothesis I am trying to find a relationship between the height and weight of students at Mayfield High school. I will be collecting data from across the different age groups. Throughout my coursework I will be using the different sampling techniques stratified, random and selective sampling. With my first hypotheses I will be using selective sampling. Mayfield School is a fictitious place; data on the school is available on a range of information. There is discrete and continuous data. The discrete data includes information such as shoe size and Key Stage 2 results, where as the continuous data contains information such as height and weight. I am going to focus on the height and weight during this investigation, as they are continuous data and produce better definitions in correlations, graphs and other results.Hypothesis 1The taller a student in years 10 and 11 the heavier they will be. This hypothesis will take into account two year groups and both the male and female sex.My first hypotheses will take into two age groups and genders into account. This will provide me with a firm base to gather results from and help me to gain a sound average from across the two year groups. My first hypothesis is based upon years 10 and 11. This is because students will be more developed and the vast majority will have gone through puberty and will be approaching near full growth. I will therefore be able to gain a solid set of accurate results that the taller the year 10 or 11 student is the heavier he or she will be. Pupils with a taller physique should be proved to be generally heavier. I will be using selective sampling from the two year groups then plotting my results onto a scatter graph to determine whether there is a weak or strong correlation. My hypothesis takes into consideration the fact that there may well be small heavy children and tall skinny children. However overall I think my hypothesis that the taller students will be the heaviest students will stay true. I will aim to prove this by collecting a sample of 40 students 20 from each year groups then using my scatter graph to plot my results which I can then analyze to determine whether my hypotheses is true.From my first hypothesis I expect to see a graph very similar to the one shown below. This will portray a strong correlation and prove my first hypothesis is correct.HeightSampling WeightFor my first hypothesis I require samples from year 10 and 11 students. I will be using selective sampling in order to do this because I feel it is the quickest and most time effective way to collect a wide range of samples from two year groups.YEAR GROUP BOYS GIRLS TOTAL7 151 131 2828 145...

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