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Based on this week’s reading, core capabilities or competencies are defined as the main strength of organization based on their specific knowledge sets, skills, and technical capacities that render organizations competitive advantage in the industry (Bateman and Snell, 2014). When organizations are rooted in well-established core competencies, it would be difficult for competitors to imitate their competitive advantage.
According to Berwick’s paper, ‘Escape Fire’, the present and future of health care does not appear optimal. Overall health care industry is under enormous amount of pressure to stay afloat given challenges with budget cuts and continuing quality and standards in care for ...view middle of the document...

There are robots in emergency departments in some rural hospitals for patients who wouldn’t be able to get seen by Mayo clinic providers. To take care of this problem, small and medium hospitals in remote locations can connect immediately to a neurologist at the Mayo Clinic. In addition, Mayo Clinic dedicates time and efforts in conducting research and invests 600 million a year in research. All the success wouldn’t be possible without talented and dedicated employees working tightly in the team. Managers recruit employees from their own five schools as well as from outside in order to find a good fit for the organization. The CEO boasts the stability of the organization by sharing a low turnover rate of 1-2%. How is Mayo clinic responding to current cost cutting pressure and achieving high efficiency in the current market? Hundreds of engineers search for ways to maximize efficiency and cut out waste in the organization. Also, managing data and monitoring treatment outcomes is a top priority in Mayo Clinic. As an initiative to better monitor health care outcomes and cost, Mayo Clinic formed a strategic alliance with a subsidiary of United Health Group called Optum. This combined database between Optum and Mayo clinic will...

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