Maywood Academy: To Charter Or Not To Charter

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To my fellow community and all present here today, we are faced with a problem bigger than we thought it would be, either to go charter or not! What does charter mean to you? To me it means being isolated in a prison ruled by selfish stubborn officials that don’t take our education and our future seriously! Some of us might take it lightly while on others it has a huge impact. I, as a fellow student will not stand for this. I demand for my voice to be heard; not only for myself, but for others too. And together we will prevail.

Maywood Academy gives a lot of opportunities too many students that want to succeed in life. With charter, all those opportunities will just go down the drain. Education is a precious thing and should not be based on how rich or poor you are or your mental capacity. Education is a right, not a privilege. If Maywood Academy turns charter, we will go in a downward spiral; everything will turn chaotic and it will contradict with everything we worked so hard to get.

Why Maywood Academy? Why our school? Why not choose a school where they can actually make a difference such as Bell and/or Huntington Park [HP]? Maywood Academy is a successful school and charter is an unnecessary move. All they will do is just bring us down. Charter is treating our school like if we are something to fight over. We aren’t just plain anything, we are a community united. And this is our school!

Let’s not be selfish and just think of our generation but the generations after us. Be fair and let them have the same...

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