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Human Computer Interaction
Tabius Smith
Park University
1) SDLC (software development life cycle): This model primarily focuses on different phases of software cycle like v model and iterative model etc. Some of the phases of software life cycle are requirement gathering and analysis, design, Implementation or coding, testing, deployment, Maintenance.
2) The HCI model mainly focuses on users and tasks that is how many users are needed for the particular task. Empirical measurement which is used to keep the records on daily bases and see the performance level. Iterative design means it deals with the execution process of the above steps.
3) Incorporating a human computer interaction (HCI) perspective into the systems development life cycle (SDLC) is necessary to information systems (IS) success and, in turn, to the success of businesses. However, modern SDLC models are based more on organizational needs than human needs. The human interaction aspect of an information system is usually considered far too little (only the screen interface) and far too late in the IS development process (only at the design stage). Thus, often a gap exists between satisfying organizational needs and supporting and enriching human users. This problem can be addressed by carefully integrating HCI development into the SDLC process to achieve a truly human-centered IS development approach. HCI issues include all possible aspects that affect humans interacting with a system during the entire life cycle of the system; thus HCI issues exist during the system development stage, the use stage, and the system impact stage. This human-centeredness approach considers human requirements of the whole system and focuses on the entire interaction including usability and the broader user experience.
4) The outcomes display that 96.7% of the experts decided that the customers should be engaged in SDLC and 90.4% decided that users’ participation is very essential. Though most of the reacted mentioned that...

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