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The incessant utterances by former South African president Thabo Mbeki on Zimbabwe, which I view as tantamount to meddling in the country’s political processes, should stop forthwith. I have been following his comments for quite some time and I think it is high time that, as a concerned Zimbabwean, I respond to these comments. It appears the former president is duplicitous as he insists that “…it really is the responsibility of the people of Zimbabwe to determine their future…” whilst he is doing just the opposite by commenting on the affairs of the country every time he gets the opportunity. It does not matter whether or not he has been pressured by journalists or whoever to make a comment, it is better he prevaricates the subject.

Recently, during a radio talk show, Mr. Mbeki spoke about the British being driven by own interests rather than the future of Zimbabwe. Whilst this might be true, Cde Mbeki need to understand that Britain and Zimbabwe share a long colonial history and the ties between the two countries cannot be easily washed away. Britain continues to have some of its people, who came during the colonial period, still domiciled in Zimbabwe. Accordingly, British interests in Zimbabwe will continue. As Zimbabweans, we are a people who may not forget but we can forgive. Some of us have therefore forgiven the British for all their transgressions during the harsh period of colonialism. It is therefore our sole responsibility as Zimbabweans to determine how we should coexist...

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