Mbus In The Retailing Industry Essay

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This paper is about a potential Mbus research project for 2010 and aims to develop a data analysis framework for servicescape and point-of-purchase in the retailing industry. The purpose of the research project is to fill in the research gap by exploring the attributes of physical service-setting in six national-wide supermarkets and leading department stores. As a first step, this paper will discuss how data analysis techniques- Content analysis and ZMET can be applied to the potential data collection process, and be evaluated their appropriateness to the research. The next step, the author will chose content analysis technique and explain in detail how she can apply this approach to the research project. The conclusion of the research and analysis study, the author can understand the servicescape and tangible environment in POPs during the literature review and research participation. Through the lens of qualitative research and content analysis, this paper will find a feasible recommendation for retailers considering and achieve their organizational goals.

Content analysis is a technique for gathering and analysing the content of text. The content refers to words, meanings, pictures, symbols, ideas, themes, or written, visual, or spoken that serves as a medium for communication. It includes newspaper, magazine articles, books, advertisements, official documents, films or videotapes, music lyrics, photographs, articles of clothing, or works of art (Neuman, 2003).
Reger and Pfarrer (2007) has used content analysis to examine the content analysis literature in organization studies, in over 98 articles published or referenced between 1980 and 2005. In the past 25...

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