Mc Donald’s Customer Service Essay

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McDonald’s Customer Service


To complete this assignment I have to investigate customer service by
writing a report on a chosen business. The business I have chosen for
this is Mc Donald’s.

In 1974, McDonald's opened its first restaurant in the UK. Today, more
than 2.7 million people in this country place their trust in
McDonald's every day - trusting the Company to provide them with food
of a high standard, quick service and value for money.

Customer service is very important to the McDonald's because it says
that they care about their customers. Customer service very important
and vital part of any organisation, which is selling goods, or service
because it exists to satisfy customers... Good customer service will
bring you new and keep old customers but if you have bad customer
service this will make customers unhappy and they will stop visiting
you and the business will not have new customers.

McDonald's operates in a very competitive market. It generally keeps
its prices within a compatible range to its competition. What
McDonald's can do to is to makes its self-different from its
competitors (in a better way) is to exceed customer service. The
customer service and food preparation areas contain original equipment
used in the days when fresh potatoes were peeled, sliced, blanched and
fried; milkshake mix and syrup were whipped up on the Multi-mixers;
Coca-Cola and root beer were drawn from a barrel, and orangeade from
the orange bowl.

The company employed just under 49 000 people and over 19 000 more
were employed by the McDonald's franchise. (I copied this information
from McDonalds fact file 2001). By the end of 2000 there was 1, 232
McDonalds restaurants operating in UK, representing a total investment
in property and equipment of over £1.4 billion.

McDonald's Corporation, fast-food Restaurant Company based in Oak
Brook, Illinois. Since the 1950s, McDonald’s family-oriented
restaurants have revolutionized the fast-food business and the company
has become one of the best known in the world. Thousands of McDonald’s
restaurants in countries around the world serve millions of customers
a day. McDonald’s restaurants, which offer toy promotions and often
feature playgrounds, are especially popular with children. One of Mc
Donald’s most important principles has always been to support the
communities in which it operates. McDonald's restaurants are, by their
nature, sociable places, intrinsically linked to local community life.

As such, the Company supports community programmes, which operate at
the grassroots level, usually focused on family- and local
environment-related issues.

All of the initiatives undertaken by McDonald's reflect the Company's
strong social stance and desire to put something back into the
community of which it is an integral part. Good corporate citizenship
through social and environmental responsibility is important values
underpinning the...

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