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INDEX*INTRODUCTION*HOW DOES MCDONALD'S WORK?. PHILOSOPHY OF THE COMPANY*IT´S WORKERS*THE SUPPLIERS AND THEIR MACDONALIZATION*THE CLIENTS AND THEIR BEHAVIOR OF BUYING*THE COMPETITORS*FORCES THAT CONSTITUTE THE MACRO ENVIROMENT*THE PHYSICAL OR NATURAL ENVIRONMENT*DEMOGRAPHIC SURROUNDING*ECONOMIC SURROUND*SOCIO-CULTURAL SURROUNDING*POLITICAL/LEGAL*MCDONALD¨S CHOOSES ITS MARKET*THE PRODUCT AND THE BRAND*THE PRICES OF THE COMPANY*THE DISTRIBUTION.*THE COMMUNICATION AND THE PUBLICITY IN MCDONALD'S*THE PROMOTION IN THE COMPANY "HE/SHE MAKES A BIG MAC"*THE FORCE OF SALE*SOURCES OF INFORMATIONINTRODUCTION.My commercial analysis is based on a product of the company McDonald's, the Big Mac. For it, I will begin my study with a brief review of the principles of McDonald's.The first McDonald's was inaugurated by the McDonald's brothers in 1948, constituting itself as the first local in the history of the quick service of foods, in San Bernardino, California (U.S). they Offered quick food, that is to say previously prepared food and served to high speed. Without a doubt the base of its success was in substituting the conventional china that you/they used the rest of restaurants, for the paper bags.Soon they reached a high level of sales and although the menu was limited the success it was growing.It was then when the supplier of the shaking machine shake , Ray Kroc, surprised by the quantity of "Multi-mixers" requested, it proposed the opening of new restaurants.This way in 1955 the first local of the Corporation was inaugurated in charge of Ray Kroc.During the 50´s and the 60´s, Ray's managerial team Kroc established the successful philosophy of the system of the company: Quality, Service, Cleaning and Value.At the moment this Franchise possesses more than 25.000 establishments in 117 countries and five are the continents in which the Golden Arches run off with, number that was increased more with the recent opening of 3.000 local during 1999.Although McDonald's offers its clients a standard menu in all its local, it is common that these menus combine with special products that are developed in each culture depending on the likes of the clients.McDonald's offers to all its clients different products among them:*Cheeseburger / Hamburger with cheese.*Quarter Pounder / simple Hamburger with onion.*Quarter Pounder with cheese / simple Hamburger with cheese and onion.*Big Mac.*Big Xtra.*Big Xtra with cheese / Big Xtra with cheese.*Crispy Chicken Deluse / Portions of fried chicken.*Filet-or-Fish / fish Fillets.*Grilled Chicken Deluxe / Fillet of roasted chicken.*Beef Patty / Meat of bovine turnover.*Chicken Breast Filet / Fillet of chicken breast.*Fish Filet Patty / Fillet of having fished turnover.I will center my study in the Big Mac, product leader of McDonald's, a product whose ingredients are: meat of bovine, bread of seeds, American cheese, sauce of Big Mac, lettuce, cucumber, onion, salt and pepper.Starting from our moment study it will...

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