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Running head: PROBLEM SOLUTION: MCBRIDE FINANCIAL SERVICESProblem Solution: McBride Financial ServicesTerri GilbertUniversity of PhoenixProblem Solution: McBride Financial ServicesThe mismanagement and fraud created by corporations like Enron, WorldCom and Tyco forced Congress to enact the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). The law requires corporate governance includes financial reporting and disclosure. McBride Financial Services (McBride) has become a publicly trading company that needs to develop good corporate governance to meet the expectation of the investors. McBride needs solutions to resolve issues of noncompliance that could hurt the reputation of the company. This paper illustrates the situation and opportunities; stakeholders interest; values and ethical dilemmas; problem statement; end-stage vision; alternative solutions; analysis of alternative solutions; risk and mitigation; optimal solution; and evaluation of the results to create best practices in corporate governance.Situation AnalysisIssue and Opportunity IdentificationMcBride Financial Services (McBride) is a regional mortgage lender specializing in conventional, FHA and VA loans to purchase or refinance homes (University of Phoenix, 2010). The start-up company has become a publicly trading entity with Beltway Investments (Beltway) as the majority investor. Beltway wants McBride to use best practices in corporate governance and plans to rely on Institutional Shareholders Services recommendations about the company's business practices (University of Phoenix, 2010).Hugh McBride, founder and CEO, does not want interference from the board of directors or investors and plans to run the company his way. McBride has the opportunity to create charters and bylaws to place checks and balances by shifting power from the CEO to an independent board of directors. Another issue is the CEO has no knowledge about corporate governance and regulatory compliance. Hugh McBride wants the controller, Paul Thomas, to handle issues regarding corporate governance, Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), and focus on internal controls. McBride has not submitted any quarterly or annual reports mandated by the SEC (University of Phoenix, 2010). McBride has the opportunity to improve internal controls' operations, financial reports, and regulatory compliance (COSO, 2010).Hugh McBride's decisions to become chairman of the board, place allies on the board, disregard regulations, manipulate compensation, and run the business without interference disregards the ethical standards Beltway Investment wants incorporated in corporate governance (University of Phoenix, 2010). McBride has the opportunity to create a Codes of Ethics to clarify responsibilities to stakeholders and employee compliance of the company's values and ideology (Hartman, 2004).Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical DilemmasMcBride has to consider the stakeholders' interest, values, and ethical...

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938 words - 4 pages Mr. Hugh McBride started McBride Financial Services with the thought in mind of specializing in one stop shopping for first-time buyers and problem credit clients. McBride Financial Services decided to open its home office in Boise Idaho which is a first for that region; the offices will also have kiosk where the client will be able to serves themselves. This approach is a first of its kind in this region, which gives Mr. McBride a great head

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1419 words - 6 pages a problem and it needs a solution. Although people comment thatracism in America is an issue of the past, there is much evidence that there is still friction between people of different races. For example, Rodney King, a black man was dragged by a truck in Texas, and even some Hispanic beatings have occurred. James McBride and his family overcame the difficulties, realized that fighting abusively against the society will never meet their goal

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1588 words - 6 pages protocol application such as LDAP directories will not be sufficient for this particular task (Thexton,Shah,Gaur, 2011).McBride Financial Services with management control from the consulting firm will be required to employ a platform in which the identities are incorporated to oversee potential risks, safeguard information assets, and to increase productivity.The solution should include four key components:A provisioning platformA role management

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1940 words - 8 pages of public programs, efforts to minimize public expectation of government, advocacy to reduce the state in both economy and social affairs`` occurred (McBride 97). Nor am I surprised that the move to tackle inflation, protecting the financial sector`s wealth accumulation, would also occur. The shift to neoliberalism has been best summed up by Ramesh Mishra ``greater openness of economies has eroded national autonomy, which has been supplanted

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