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Mc Bride Project Plan Essay

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Mission: Our planning management team has been chosen to establish and staff eight new offices of McBride Financial Services.
Plan: McBride Financial Services will be the premier provider of low cost mortgage services using state-of-the-art technology in the five state areas of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota. The services McBride facilitates for candidates with approved credit include providing credit report, home inspection, appraisal, and a mortgage at the lowest rate available for a standard fee of 1500 dollars. McBride’s home location will be located in Boise, Idaho. The home location has three brokers and two admin personnel on staff, but the remaining ...view middle of the document...

McBride’s marketing is going to primarily target veterans that are returning home from the military drawdown in Iraq and Afghanistan, first time home owners and current home owners that would like to refinance. We are going to market at military installations which each state has in order to effectively reach military personnel as they return to their duty station from deployment. Also, we will be coordinating with the surrounding colleges in the area setting up periodic recruiting booths on site targeting seniors and after graduates.
This paper will now establish delivery dates associated with the completion of the project in sequential order.
6 Months
• Establish project manager lead.
• Establish communication channels and unplanned change procedures.
• Establish budget.
• Determine store fronts layouts in accordance to floor plans.
5 Months
• Determine broker’s hardware and software requirements for personal laptops.
• Choose furnishing company.
• Create classifieds for brokers.

4 Months
• Analyze required networking environment.
• Evaluate hardware options.
• Evaluate security options.
3 Months
• Order new telecommunications equipment
• Contact hardware and software providers.
• Establish contract with hardware and software providers.
• Order all computer hardware and software.
• Order new furniture.
• Evaluate physical security options.
• Procure physical security.
2 Months
• Set up furnishing.
• Install hardware and software.
• Employ marketing campaign.
• Train staff.
• Generate lessons learned.
• Review lessons learned and refine implementation strategy.
1 Month
• Proceed with following six locations.
Precedence relationships will be...

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