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From the early sixties to twenty-thirteen, people have been stopping by McDonald’s for a cheap and easy meal. Traveling the world? Just heading to work? Time is money, and going to McDonald’s can save lots of time. With the use of advertisements, McDonald’s persuades everyone to visit their restaurant. Although the modern McDonald’s ad and the vintage McDonalds ad are both superior advertisements for McDonald’s, the vintage ad is better because it has a better focal point, theme, prominent element, artistic choices, and feeling or mood.
In comparison to the new ad, the focal point is much better in the 1965 ad because it shows a clearer focal point. The first thing the viewers see in the ...view middle of the document...

Theme is fundamental in advertising for big companies. The ad needs to connect to the viewers, because that is how the businesses will get customers. In the old ad, the theme is a night eating out with the family. Being 2014, not a lot of families choose McDonalds as the place for a night out, but for its time (1965), this theme would be spot on. The colors are right and it really gives a warm vibe to the readers. During the sixties, McDonald’s was the place to be with your family. Because of the theme of the vintage ad, the ad is better.
The theme of the new ad shows how people feel about their food today.The ad has two sides: one shows a salad, the other shows the salad with a whole meal. This is a simple theme, and goes right down to business. It explains how McDonald’s is trying to get some healthy options on the menu. This is a hard hitting theme for today because everyone is on a non-obesity kick. (Although research has proven that the salad from McDonald’s is more fattening than a regular sandwich). Because the modern ad has a thought-through theme, it gives the old ad a run for its money.
What is a prominent element? A prominent element is something that catches the viewer’s eyes right as they see the ad. For the first ad, the prominent element is definitely the red and gold McDonald’s sign. Right as the viewer sees the ad, their eyes are glued on this sign. This is clever advertising because the readers know exactly what the ad if for. The golden arch is universal. Because the older ad has a great prominent element, it is a better advertisement for McDonald’s.
In the newer ad, there are two prominent elements: the salad and the whole meal. This makes the ad look busy. People aren’t sure what to look at first. Luckily, people scan pictures like they read papers, top to bottom and left to right. The idea of two prominent elements still isn’t the best, for it could make the ad confusing. Because the ad has two prominent elements, the new ad is not the ideal ad for McDonald’s.
In the vintage ad, there are many artistic choices that make the ad great. Things such as the color flow and the style of the car make the piece easy to look at. The stars are out and McDonald’s is booming. The artistic choices make the night seem perfect, and people love that. Another artistic choice that really makes this paper is the contrast of the black car in the center of the picture. This...

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