Mc Donald's Fast Food Restaurant In America

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According to the researchers about statistic a lot of fast food restaurants, until now, McDonald’s has been a lot of chains fast food restaurants and served billions of hamburgers and potato fires each year to customers across North America, Japan, and Europe. Moreover, following to the research of businesses restaurant and my opinion, McDonald’s is the best fast food restaurant in America. Also, McDonald’s is the top fast food restaurant in America because it has a special breakfast menu; it is attractive for the children and adults, and good advertising for fast food restaurant.
McDonald’s breakfast menu is special because it has a lot of the food for customers to choose. For example, Big Breakfast, Egg McMuffin, Sausage McMuffin…The special breakfast in McDonald’s is Big Breakfast because it has good quality for everybody, and the price of it is not expensive. Especially, Big Breakfast only has at McDonald’s none of the fast food restaurant does. In addition, Breakfast menu in McDonald’s “with so many options have never been tastier.” and it has a lot of different on the menu such as Egg White Delight Mc Muffin to the savory Sausage Biscuit to the sweet McGriddles sandwich. ( If you choose McDonald’s to eat breakfast, there will be exactly the right place. My favorite breakfast restaurant is McDonald’s because it has a lot of the food on the menu and good quality for me in the morning. I usually eat breakfast in McDonald’s.
The children and adults like to eat in McDonald’s because it brings the happiness for the children and convenience for the adults. The kids prefer to eat McDonald’s than other the fast food restaurants because McDonald’s offers the toys for children in the Happy Meals menu. Furthermore, the adults like to come to the McDonald’s because it brings the convenience for them. For instance, sometimes they are too tired after work and they do not want to cook, so they choose McDonald’s. There are varieties of food in menu, and the price of it is not expensive. Due to, the adults and children like to come to McDonald’s.

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