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Mc Donald's Victory Ends Mc Libel Trial Essay

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McDonald's Victory Ends McLibel TrialIT WAS the fast-food chain McDonald's who won the 314-day trial when Mr Justice Bell proclaimed ₤60,000 in damages against two London Greenpeace campaigners, Dave Morris and Helen Steel on June 19, 1997.Mr. Justice Bell who has been the judge for this trial, which is the longest in English legal history, ruled that the leaflet published in 1986 was not true apart from three of the allegations after hearing evidence given by 180 witnesses.The writs that were issued on September 20, 1990 came to an end when Mr Justice Bell read a 45 page summary of his judgement in the trial that lasted for two hours. He found that only ...view middle of the document...

In addition to that, the judge also found that although wages are low they are not discriminatory against specific ethic, gender or age group.Mr Morris, 43 and Ms Steel, 31 both with a combined income of less than ₤7,500 a year was sued by McDonald's Corporation and McDonald's Restaurant Ltd ₤30,000 each for the damages they had done. Ms Steel, however, was responsible for ₤27,500 as her involvement is shorter than Mr Morris.Ms Steel, when was asked about their vain effort said that they both do not regret for what they have done in those seven "empowering" years. "If I had known how long it was going to last - over seven years from the writs - how much work was involved, how daunting it was going to be, I would have fought it anyway. It's important to stand up for what you believe in." said the former gardener.After the ruling, activists around the world began to deliver their verdict on the internet. Most of them are unprofessionally done and the only well organised site is McSpotlight, which is produced by McInformation Network. Since it has been launched in February 1996, it has been accessed for almost 12 million times until June 20, 1997.Despite of losing the case and having to pay the price, both Mr Morris and Ms Steel said that this is not the end. Mr Morris said although they had lost the case on a technicality, he promised to bring this matter forward to European Court of Human Rights. The former postman also indicated that the Britain has an "oppressive" libel laws."Judge for yourself," said Morris.

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