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Mc Donaldization In Modern Culture Essay

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Today’s society and culture is becoming more and more McDonaldized. This paper will illustrate what the process of McDonaldization is. In addition, this paper will show how today’s society has adapted to this process along with using the theories from Max Weber.
The McDonaldization theory defines the process of which the principles of the fast-food restaurant are coming to dominate more and more sectors of American society as well as the rest of the world (Ritzer 1). Within McDonaldization there are five different concepts embedded into this theory, which are efficiency, calculability, predictability, control and lastly irrationality of rationality. These concepts are not just used in fast-food restaurants, but are becoming more popular with in malls, health care, religion, and even education (Aldredge, Lectures on McDonaldization of Society).
Efficiency is the optimum method for getting from one point to another (Ritzer 13). By controlling a method or process this also allows a business to become more efficient. Henry Ford found that assembly lines are a way to control how much one can do and get the job done faster (Ritzer 32). Streamlining happens when a business or society cuts out the unimportant to make something more simplistic. When one simplifies the process this makes the employee go even faster or makes the customer choose what they want even faster.
The second step in McDonaldization is calculability. Calculability is the importance of numbers on the sold products (Ritzer 79). Calculability makes it easier to determine efficiency by making steps that can be clocked and ensuring one can do a step at a faster rate (Ritzer 79). The three basic elements one would will find in calculability are replacing quality to quantity, the illusion of getting more product for less money, and reducing the elements to speed up the process (Aldredge, Lectures on McDonaldization of Society). Calculability expects the customer or worker to do a lot of work, very quickly for low pay (Ritzer 14).
Predictability is the third dimension. Predictability is the idea of uniformity and knowing what to expect with each outcome (Aldredge, Lectures on McDonaldization of Society). With having uniformity in a business or process, this allows the customer or even an employee feel at ease and goes about what is expected of them. Ritzer gives the example of shopping malls. A person can step off the plane in Portland or Denver and find the same type of stores in a mall (Ritzer 107).
Another dimension of McDonaldization is control. Control is the increased of nonhuman technology to produce more product or efficiency (Ritzer 115). More and more nonhuman technology is appearing to control how fast a human can go. In a drive-thru line, the fast food establishment is controlling how long a vehicle can be in line. A driver pulls up to order food, then drives up to pay for the food, picks up the food at the next window, and lastly drives off to the next...

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