Mc Donalds: An American Icon Essay

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The largest of the fast food companies have forever cemented themselves into the American culture and they are fully aware of that fact. Written on a McDonald’s paper tray liner is their statement to this knowledge; “I think about great memories from my past. Road Trips, friends, study breaks and lots of laughs. Anytime nostalgia sets in, I know it’s not too long before I’ll be going to McDonald’s for a Big Mac. Someday in the future, when I’m looking back at today, McDonald’s will still be there.” Since our future only holds visions of more and more fast-food restaurants springing up across the horizon, we need to learn where the best food is being served outside our own kitchen. There are several different chains of fast food restaurants in the Redding area, but which one is the best? During recent interviews with several managers and a crew member from different fast food restaurants in Redding I learned that each one had a little different story about where their restaurant’s food came from and what their experience was working there. Daryl Yeomans, a crew member (the manager didn’t want to speak with me) at a McDonald’s in Redding stated, “all of our lettuce, tomatoes and onions come pre-packaged and pre-sliced. All we do is basically assemble the food.” This way of processing orders has been the McDonald’s way since the 1950’s. As Stacy Perman describes in her book In-N-Out Burger, “each [McDonald’s] Grell 2 order required little more than a quick assembly from a ready-made food kit” (86). According to the McDonald’s website, their meat patties are “frozen instantly, after the meat is ground, to make sure the very best quality and flavor is preserved. It is then transported frozen to our restaurants” (McDonald's). When asked about his experiences as an employee at McDonald’s, Yeomans stated, “I am not interested in being an employee here for very long. I just needed the money.” According to the McDonald’s website, the perks that are offered to crew member employees are “flexible schedules and uniforms” (McDonald's). Ever since Richard and Maurice McDonald invented the Speedee Service system in 1948, their philosophy was to keep costs down and volume high. As Richard McDonald once put it, “our whole concept was based on speed, lower prices, and volume” (qtd. in Perman 47). That philosophy still stands strong today within the majority of the fast food industry. Krystal Garcia, the general manager at the Burger King on Cypress had a slightly better outlook on her job and the company. Garcia stated, “I’ve been working here for ten years and enjoy coming here every day.” Burger King gets a food shipment twice a week; just like at McDonald’s, but unlike McDonald’s, they get fresh tomatoes that the employees at each restaurant must slice daily. The rest of the food arrives pre-packaged and pre-cut. As for their employee relations, Garcia declared that she “always gives her employees whatever days off they need.” Burger King also offers a week of...

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