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Case 2-7 International Marketing Matthew MoratzMcDonald's and ObesitySummaryThe title speaks for the summary of the paper as McDonald's tries to fight off accusations that they are the marketing problem that has created childhood and adolescent obesity in the united States and globally. Taking no time to display the facts, obesity and overweight are taking over children lives by stating that 30 percent of American kids reached the overweight and obese status. What makes it worse is that 64.5 percent of total Americans are now overweight and obese, a high that continues to increase year by year. Although it is known worldwide that Americans tend to be the fattiest due to unhealthy/ unbalanced diets, the rest of the world according the article is not far behind such staggering statistics.Its not just America who is being view as the "lard buckets" of the world, but most countries, globally are trying to fit the epidemic of obesity. So what is to blame? From the article, it is clear that the uncontrollable fast food market that has swept across the world is to blame for it unhealthy portion sizes and amounts of fat. If that isn't worse enough, they blame the marketing for such companies to be the cause of childhood obesity. The article states that the use of celebrities and other cartoon characters that the children see as "hero's" are used in a negative way to brain wash the children into eating the unhealthy foods. It has become so bad that they have put McDonald'sRonald McDonald in the same category of unhealthy promoters as Joe Camel for the tobacco company. Is that a fair comparison, cigarettes versus fast food for a kid?The outcome of this is the force of marketers to use other strategies to continue a high level of success having to avoid new laws and regulations world wide based on what each government deems fit. These laws have forced companies like McDonald's to either get rid of advertising that would influence a child, or put a higher tax on promoting their products. Such bands have not decreased the amount of obesity and the children's use of "pester power" for such foods has continued to grow for unhealthy food items. The only true laws against marketing/ advertising unhealthy food products are the Scandinavian countries, which are trying to continue their push towards healthier alternatives. While there are a lot of arguments in the article against fast food, a top advertising agency executive stated that there is other factors involved in obesity, in which he hopes such food companies don't get bullied. Factors such as low income play a huge role in obesity due to their ability to feed an entire family with less money. It's easier to blame the marketing and the entire company before we can blame ourselves for allowing obesity to overpower us.McDonalds has been at the center of the controversy of causing the wrong idea for children and using unhealthy means of convincing children to eat fast food. McDonald's has tried to abide by the...

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