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Mc Donalds Based School Lunches Essay

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Do you like eating lunch everyday during the week? If not, there's a chance you don't pack your lunch. Whenever, you ever feel starved, there is another option. You can pay several extra dollars for chips or ice cream! Even at home, a lot of children don't have a diet that includes essential vitamins. Schools should step in to help the problem, and have more healthy food choices.
Many teenagers are unhealthy, due to the abundance of fatty foods. New York Times shows that many food-manufacturers cause children to become malnourished. A lot of school lunches consist of pizza, hamburgers, and chicken nuggets; therefore, they have: fat, carbohydrates, or sugar. The sides that schools offer are petite juice boxes, basically water, and occasional fruit. Linda Hugle, a retired school principal says, “You pay a little less and your kids get strawberry milk, frozen french fries, and artificial shortening.” (
Adding on, a plateful of children are obese in the United States. This is mostly from vitamin-lacking food at home. One third of children living in the US were obese or overweight and the numbers have greatly increased the past few years ( Kids who are obese at a young age will more likely become obese when they mature into adults. The side-effects would be: low-self esteem, high blood pressure, the chance of getting diabetes, high cholesterol, and loneliness (
Again, kids are constantly around junk food, at the house and school. Since teens and kids spend most of their time at school, schools need to make changes in the lunch selections. This will assist many kids’ health. Schools need to add...

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