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Much like a smile, the “Golden Arches” can be understood in any language. The McDonalds brand is the most well-known, internationally embraced fast food empire. McDonalds operates over 31,000 franchises throughout the world, with the United States leading the way with a whopping 13,381outlets as of May 2009 [1]. McDonalds has the fast food market cornered, offering an increasing variety of food of beverages, marketed to people of all ages to eat at any time of the day. However, being a corporate giant has its issues. McDonalds has faced a lot of criticism for its high-fat, high-sugar, potentially addictive menu. While the corporation is not likely to outright admit responsible for its actions, McDonalds has seen some changes to address some of the issues. Despite the flaws in the public elements of the brand, McDonalds has established an almost recession-proof economic base [2].
Some of the benefits of the McDonalds brand are pretty obvious. The golden arches and the mascot Ronald McDonald have some the best recognition worldwide. This stems from the benefit of having global operations and the availability of culturally diverse foods that are provided based on the location of the restaurant [3]. McDonalds also utilizes installations in prime locations such as theme parks, airports, superstores and even in hospitals. The business is ranked number one in Fortune Magazine's 2008 list of most admired food service companies [4]. McDonalds is also associated with cheap prices, good tasting food and fast service. McDonalds also maintains a strong community oriented vibe with its Ronald McDonald Houses which provide charitable services to families with sick children requiring extended hospital stays ( McDonalds also sponsors major Olympic athletes, which has the dual propose of supporting athletics while still getting their name out.
The McDonalds Corporation’s strong internal workings also serve as benefits. In 2005, Fortune Magazine listed McDonald's as the "Best Place to Work for Minorities." McDonalds also invests more than $1 billion annually in training its staff, and every year more than 250,000 employees graduate from McDonald's specialized training facility called Hamburger University [4]. McDonalds also offers scholarships and opportunities to earn college credits for their employees who are still in school [5]. Internally McDonalds also has high standards for food safety regulations. While this might not be more to avoid lawsuits than to take care of their customers, McDonalds claims to go above and beyond national regulation to bring its customers a clean and health dining experience [5].
The weaknesses of McDonalds include competitors and nutrition concerns. McDonalds failed attempt at pizza limited their ability to compete with fast food pizza franchise. Price competition with the competitors is also resulting in lower revenue for McDonalds. McDonalds also lacks variation in seasonal products that they offer. Another...

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