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Mc Donalds' Success During The 1970s Essay

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McDonald’s, a franchise known world-wide started out as a little burger stand in San Bernardino, California. It was started by brothers Mac and Dick McDonald, and Ray Kroc visited their restaurant in 1954. A year later he founded the McDonald’s Corporation, which was based on the successful burger stand run by the McDonald brothers. Three years after the McDonald’s franchise was founded, it had sold its 100 millionth hamburger. What factors led to McDonalds’ national and international success during the 1970s? McDonalds' national and international success in the 1970s was caused by its menu options, the cleanliness, and its spread around the world.
McDonalds’ success was achieved through its menu options due to the cheap prices, good taste, and its multiple choices. Ray Kroc, the founder of the McDonald’s franchise, employed teenagers to make the prices very low. These low prices allowed working class families to feed their children with restaurant food , which was not very typical at the time. Because most people could afford these meals, many went to McDonald’s for a meal. Even though these prices were not very high, McDonald’s still earned a lot of money because of the high concentration of people that dined there. An immigrant from Moscow, going to Boston, had his first encounter with McDonald’s in 1981. One day he went out for lunch during work. He passed many restaurants, but he stopped at a restaurant that “was all red and yellow, and very brightly lit. The prices were just right for [his] wallet.” As an immigrant he does not have a lot of money, so if even he has enough money, almost everyone has the amount of money needed to buy a burger from McDonald’s. Every person that came to McDonald’s since it was founded mentioned the cheap prices, and the good food. The founder of McDonald’s got his idea of cheap and good-tasting food from the McDonald brothers, hence the name. When he first got food at their restaurant, he said that “a french-fried potato [was] a pretty uninspiring object. That’s your ordinary french-fry. The McDonalds french-fry was in an entirely different league.” A french-fry was typically known as a side, but at McDonald’s the taste of a simple french-fry was so great that it was considered inspiring. Not only were the McDonald fries critiqued for having great flavor but also the burgers. McDonald’s was not the typical restaurant at the time, because of the different service. At first people did not like it, but “the new system gained acceptance, as word spread about the low prices and good burgers.” McDonald’s was the only restaurant at the time that had both cheap prices and good-quality food. After a while McDonald’s got more options for its clients. Keith O’Brien, a writer for the New York Times, wrote an article on why McDonald’s was successful. One of the things he said was that “McDonald’s [had] a large amount of choices for any diner there. It has specialty coffees from the McCafé, smoothies, Angus burgers,...

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