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Mc Donalds Vs. Consumer Healthier Living Essay

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Over the years fast food has evolved from local burger shops to a multi-billion dollar industry. The fast food industry has revolutionized the way many Americans eat today. Because of the fast food industry’s extreme and rapid growth, many companies are continuing to overlook standards of quality and healthiness of the food served. One major food company is McDonald’s which has shown an enormous lack of business ethics in every step of food preparation and general business management. By using inhumane techniques of slaughter, being self-regulating, and advertising to kids are examples of what McDonald’s is undertaking today. These poor business methods shown by McDonald’s has affected many customers and employees. McDonald should be transparent about their ingredients they put in their food because of health reasons, ethical, and good faith.
As McDonald’s profit margin grow, so does the physical condition of its customer. In Morgan Spurlock’s documentary, Super Size Me, he discusses the rising problem of Americans struggling with obesity. In the film, Spurlock sets out to prove that fast food corporations are mostly to responsible when dealing with obesity. Spurlock focuses on McDonald’s for the demonstration because of the corporation’s worldwide attention and financial success. Spurlock consumed McDonald’s every day, three times a day, for thirty days. When the thirty day period was over, Spurlock had gained twenty five pounds, his cholesterol level went up sixty points, and doctors point out that his liver basically turned into fat (Super Size Me). This documentary allows the average American to obtain more information to become more aware of the harmful effects McDonald’s food has on the human body over a period of time.
The national widespread of obesity and other health issues in America continues to raise with the influence of McDonald’s expending business. As Spurlock said, “Since 1980, the total number of overweight and obese Americans has doubled, with twice as many overweight children and three times as many overweight adolescents… [In addition, obesity] is now second to smoking for preventable causes of death” (Super-Size Me). Death has yet to discourage consumers from purchasing McDonald’s food. Each day one in four Americans visit fast food restaurants (Super-Size Me). McDonald’s restaurants cannot stop consumers from purchasing their food because every citizen living in America has the right to choose where or what he/she eats. Such rights come with responsibility from both McDonald’s and customers. Customers should be aware of the negative effects that result from eating unhealthy food, and McDonald’s should not carry out morally wrong business practices. If McDonald set ups multiple franchises throughout a certain region this can be reasonable, but setting up an extreme amount of franchises within a certain region this becomes questionable. McDonald’s restaurants are located in grocery stores, gas stations, and even hospitals...

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