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The Author F. Scott Fitzgerald. Essay

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F. Scott FitzgeraldAs a icon of the "Lost Generation", F. Scott Fitzgerald portrayed the youthful Jazz Age of Americans in the 1920s. Fitzgerald defined the Jazz Age as a time when " a new generation [had] grown to find...all wars fought, all faiths in man shaken (Holt 436)." His life was filled with the same tragedies and disillusionments that plagued his characters. With a success to his first novel and a beautiful wife his future appeared bright, however his glamorous lifestyle was cut short by his own alcoholism and declining creativity.Named for his famous distant cousin on his father's side: Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born on September 24, 1886 in St. Paul, Minnesota (Britannica 393). His father, Edward Fitzgerald, was a salesman whose furniture business had failed. Mary (Mollie) McQuillan, his mother, was the daughter of a successful wholesale grocer. Mary had lost two children to epidemics before her bright, handsome Scott came along (Kuehl). The family moved regularly, but settled finally in St. Paul.Fitzgerald started to write at St. Paul Academy at an early age. His high school newspaper published his detective stories, encouraging him to pursue writing more than academics. His first published story, "The Mystery of the Raymond Mortgage" appeared in 1909 in Now and Then. After high school Fitzgerald entered Princeton University in 1913, where he failed to become a football hero. He wrote the scripts and lyrics for the Princeton Triangle Club musicals and was a contributor to the Princeton Tiger humor magazine and the Nassau Literary Magazine. He left his studies in 1917 because of his poor academic records, and took up a commission in the US Army.While stationed near Montgomery, Alabama in 1918, he met and fell in love with an 18-year-old Southern belle, Zelda Sayre. A constant stream of love letters punctuate the period of their engagement while Fitzgerald worked in Manhattan and Zelda remained at her parents' home in Montgomery (Millett). For Zelda, marriage meant a new lease on life, and the only way out of her small-town. For a year, Fitzgerald struggled unsuccessfully to make his fortune in the advertising business, but Zelda grew tired of waiting. When he proclaimed that he could not be successful without her by his side, he proposed, but she broke the engagement because she felt too much pressure. She insisted that he find success first on his own.The publication of This Side of Paradise on March 26, 1920, made the twenty-four-year-old Fitzgerald famous almost overnight, and a week later he married Zelda. They embarked on an extravagant life as young celebrities. They took an apartment in New York City; were he wrote his second novel, The Beautiful and Damned. When Zelda became pregnant they took their first trip to Europe in 1921. Afterwards they then settled in St. Paul for the birth of their only child Frances Scott (Scottie) Fitzgerald in October 1921. However in the spring of 1924 ,seeking tranquility for his work,...

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F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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1097 words - 5 pages F. Scott Fitzgerald had many struggles with alcoholism and his marriage, he is considered to be one of the greatest American writers of the twentieth century. In 1896, F. Scott Fitzgerald was born in St. Paul, Minnesota on September twenty-fourth. Fitzgerald was named after the author of the “Star Spangled Banner” (LitFinder). He was the only child of Edward and Mollie McQuillan Fitzgerald, and he is Irish by ancestry(McMahon 89). According to

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1016 words - 5 pages half the process of writing his last novel The Last Tycoon, also about the American life he died of a heart attack at Graham’s house, he was only 44 years old. Zelda perished years later in a hospital fire. All things considered, the dominant influences on F. Scott Fitzgerald were ambition, literature, Princeton but not as much by the education as by the Father’s motivation, Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, and alcohol. F.Scott Fitzgerald’s great novel

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931 words - 4 pages When most people think of the 1920s, they think of Babe Ruth or Jim Thorpe. Almost no one has heard of Francis Scott Fitzgerald. He was a novel and play writer who had a very poor life and didn't get recognized for his talents until twenty years after his death. He helped the 20s be a successful decade, and he was a skillful man. Francis was born on September 24, 1896, in St. Paul, Minnesota. His father was Edward Fitzgerald and was also

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772 words - 4 pages around, in 1937, Fitzgerald traveled to Hollywood where he applied for and got many writing jobs. Eventually, Fitzgerald made sufficient money to pay off his debt. In 1939, Fitzgerald died of a sudden heart attack, leaving his last Hollywood novel The Love of the Last Tycoon unfinished. His novel was later published in 1941. Works Cited Bruccoli, Matthew J. "A Brief Life of Fitzgerald." Biography of F. Scott Fitzgerald. The F. Scott

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1372 words - 5 pages F. Scott Fitzgerald is one of America’s most famous authors whose works were greatly influenced by his life and his economic crises. Fitzgerald was born on September 24, 1896, in St. Paul, Minnesota. He was named after his second cousin three times removed on his fathers side: Francis Scott Key, the man who wrote the “Star- Spangled Banner”. ( Mary “Mollie” McQuillan, Fitzgerald’s mother, was an Irish immigrant with a large

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1531 words - 6 pages is the reader's duty to break this code. Perhaps the secret coding of The Great Gatsby is that F. Scott Fitzgerald is trying to tell the world about his hidden secret. Homosexuality is a theme in many of Fitzgerald's other works, including Tender is the Night. Many literary historians have made the connection between Fitzgerald and Nick, citing that perhaps the background of Carraway reflects the background of the author. What they have yet to

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732 words - 3 pages There are countless great authors in the world nowadays. Conversely, many believe that authors of the past were considerably more enjoyable. One of these fecund authors is F. Scott Fitzgerald. The end of his ephemeral life may not have been the best; nonetheless, it was his younger years that breathed life into his writing. Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born in St. Paul Minnesota on September 24, 1896. His parents were Mary McQuillan and

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