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Mc Lennan Community College Case Study

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An examination of McLennan Community College data over the last ten years offers a good example of an institution that has met the challenges of increasing enrollments and reductions in state funding while maintaining indicators of quality and financial stability. As with most community colleges, the major sources of revenue for MCC are tuition and fees, state appropriations, and local taxes, as well as strong usage of federal funds. Similar to national trends, state funding for MCC plummeted from approximately 75% of total revenue in the late 1970s to approximately 25% of total revenue in 2012-13. To counter the loss in revenue the percentage of revenue from tuition increased from ...view middle of the document...

5%) and scholarships (25.2%) placed MCC among the top 10 highest expense allocations for those categories in the state (Institutional Dashboard, 2014). An examination of MCC unrestricted assets over the last ten years reveals an increase of approximately $8 million. According to the MCC Institutional Dashboard, “MCC is in compliance with its financial stability policy requiring a fund balance 10% or more of the total operating budget ($54,167,660)” (Institutional Dashboard, 2014).
Over the last ten years annual unduplicated enrollment at McLennan Community College has increased by almost 43%. The number of annual contact hours for the institution, the primary measure used for state funding allocations, increased by approximately 65% during that same period of time while the dramatic reductions in state funding previously described were simultaneously occurring. The growth in contact hours was associated not only with the increase in unduplicated enrollment but an increase in the percentage of students enrolled full-time. However, the percentage of students formally identified as credential-seeking dropped slightly during the last ten years indicating a common challenge of community colleges nationwide in terms of mission, changing student populations, and the trend towards performance-based funding. As the percentage of students identified as credential-seeking narrowed to a smaller population, the institution reported an increase of just over 5% in graduation rate for first-time, full-time, credential-seeking students during the same ten year period. Other common measures used for performance-based funding decisions such as the number of awards of degrees, certificates, and core completers improved while some areas such as successful course completion rates and licensure pass rates remained relatively flat or experienced slight drops. (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, 2013).
Corresponding to the growth in enrollment over the past ten years, the number of both full-time and part-time faculty at McLennan Community College also increased significantly. According to the Institutional Dashboard, the student to faculty ratio increased from 17:1 in 2000 to 20:1 in 2010 but remained below the Texas state average student to faculty ratio of 22:1. During that same period of time, the percent of sections taught by full-time faculty dropped from...

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