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Me As A Writer Essay

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As a writer, I think that I am not as good as I thought I was back in high school. I see myself as a student who tries their best, but makes “B” average work. I have never really taken the time to relate to my papers. I always just wrote what the teacher wanted and handed it in. In my mind, I never really liked trying to explain in full detail what something meant. Back in high school, my teachers always wanted me to explain my writing in such depth that a kindergartener would understand why Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy. Trying to explain my writing was always very tiring. I often would get bored trying to explain and just stop writing and do something else for a while. Most of the time in ...view middle of the document...

For example, the play called Macbeth is one play I wanted to gouge my eyes out with a rusty spoon. Not only was the writing hard to understand but also it was writing in such a way that the play seemed to go on forever. And having to write a paper over why this is a classic was worse than reading it. I would usually just take quotes I thought were important and put them in the paper. Instead of carefully planning out what I was writing, I would just write and hoped everything would be alright in the end.
High school taught me to write it down, get it done, and turn it in. We would receive a writing assignment and then immediately we would start working on that paper. Then after three days of working in class, we would turn it in. This way of teaching me to write a paper, didn’t actually help at all. It actually made my writing worse. The fact that I didn’t have enough time to think the paper through and be able to write everything I wanted to say made my papers weak. I was taught to write a paper in a hurry. This only helped me when I would procrastinate on a paper. Even though my writing was still good, I never had time to go back and edited it completely.
I have noticed in the past that when I write I get off topic very easily. I would sit at the computer for hours and maybe have three pages done. It is very easy to get side tracked into something else. There are even times when I would stop writing a paper and do other homework or watch TV. Then I would procrastinate until the last minute and rush to get it done.
I think my writing style relates to the quote from Letter to West Port High School’s English Department by Maria P. Rey. On page 275, “If someone is given strict limits at the beginning of their piece, they are not only going to dread writing the rest, but they are going to suffer from severe writer’s block every time they attempt completing any assignment.” What this quote is saying is that when someone has so many rules to follow, the creativity of writing goes out the window. I do the exact same when I have tons of rules I have to follow. I think that I can change this process when I know all the rules and be able to break them in the good way, and I can calm the inner critic. One way to calm my inner critic is a quote from Allegra Goodman’s article called Calming the Inner Critic and Getting...

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