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"Me, My Weight, And My Insecurity" Obesity: How I Became Obese And The Foreshadows Of My Eating Problems As A Child

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Having lived in America my whole life, it feels as though I've been brain washed in wanting to have the perfect body. Everyone understands the pressure to be thin, especially being a Persian American living in Los Angeles. In LA we are surrounded with the movie industry, and the movie industry means lots of beautiful men and women, all with amazing bodies. With this kind of influence, it is not easy being obese, let alone overweight. But it's something I've dealt with ever since I can remember.I have various memories of my childhood, most of which relate to my weight problem. When I was about 5 years old, I attended Kadima, a Jewish private school located in the valley. The kids used to call me names like big fat bologna. I was never really bothered by the name-calling, nor was I ever respondent to it. But I do remember once when my friend and I were at recess talking. She assured me that when someone is young, and they are fat, they grow older and become skinny. But when you are skinny when you're young, then they grow older and become fat. By my friend assuring me of this, I was convinced I could look like a Barbie Doll and become a runway model. I used to practice modeling for my family. I had it all down, the walk, the turns, and even the face. What I did not know is that overweight children have a 70% chance of becoming overweight or obese adults, which was exactly coming my way.My only problem wasn't at school. At home my parents were very worried. My dad had type 2 diabetes and so did his father. My mom's concern for me was to look good, feel good, and most importantly be healthy. But as a child, instead of setting a good example as parents and eating healthy, they thought they were supposed to control me. They tried to control how much and what I ate. All that made me do was learn to sneak around. I would always find a way to sneak some cookies or some other sugar-infested food. My older brother and I used to drink soda and replace what we drank with a little bit of water so no one would become suspicious. In fact, I even remembered one night when my uncles and my grandparents came over for Shabbat dinner. Of course, my mom brought out the soda, and when my uncle took his fist sip, he made a sour face. He complained to my mom that she should close the top of the soda bottle well so that the gas doesn't evaporate. My brother and I quickly looked at each other and with the glare in his eye, I knew he was thinking the same thing I was-too much water! Sneaking food and drinks were just the gateway of hiding things from my family. Looking through the research I did, I came across some interesting facts, which allowed me to realize the affect my family had on me. I found the following 3 pieces of information that to me, define my childhood:·Some people with eating disorders feel smothered in overprotective families. Others feel abandoned, misunderstood and alone.·Parents who overvalue physical appearance can unknowingly contribute...

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