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Me Myself And I A Narrative Essay Written For A Friend Describing A Day When A Girl Finds Her Best Friend Is Herself

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Me, Myself, and II was on my way to the park on a Tuesday morning to play a leisurely game of baseball with a couple of good friends of mine. I do this every week.I saw my friend Kasey while I was walking to the park, when she saw me she ran to hide behind a big green palm tree. So I snuck behind a nearby white picket fence to get to the other side of the palm tree to surprise her. That's when she jumped over the white picket fence and tackled me. After lying there on the green moist grass with the sun beating down on us we decided to get going. As we walked to the park together we were talking loudly and making fun of each other. There were many people looking at ...view middle of the document...

Putting that aside I noticed she had on a new baseball cap. It was blue with white letters that said "Play Ball" on it. It looked exactly like the one I had just gotten. She still had her usual faded blue jeans and yellow jersey. They both had stains on the left side from Kasey sliding her way into home plate. I am left-handed so I have stains on the right side of my faded blue jeans and yellow jersey.Just as I was thinking about them Steve and Rhonda walked slowly to the baseball diamond. They were both also wearing new caps just like mine. Steve had a stern look on his face as always. He is always so rude so it was no surprise when he roughly threw Rhonda on the ground and laughed that is the only time I,ve ever see him smile. Rhonda gets up and does nothing about Steve she just shies away carelessly. After a long tiring day of baseball Kasey takes out a old dusty Polaroid camera and asks a tall husky man passing by to take a picture of us. We all form together and smile for the camera, well all of us except for Steve. The tall man handed Kasey her old dusty camera back along with the picture he had just taken. As the picture slowly developed I noticed something very strange about the Polaroid picture, there was only one person in the picture. Me, I was wearing a brand new blue cap with white letters, an old faded pair of jeans, with a yellow jersey, and stains on my right and left side of my clothing. That's when I suddenly realized Rhonda, Steve, and Kasey were and still is just me, myself, and I.

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