Me And The Welcome Of U.S. By: Phuong Nguyen Eng111 Sp11 N67 B Thesis Statement: I Was Quite Shocked And Impressed By The Life Style, The People And The Culture In America.

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Me and the welcome of U.S. By: Phuong Nguyen ENG111 Sp11 N67BThesis Statement: I was quite shocked and impressed by the life style, the people and the culture in America. Instructor: Ian Springer-WoodsLeaving my hometown, my country and my family to live a new live and start new a career in the America. Arrived in New York International Airport, I was a little bit shocked because the airport was extremely huge. I could not even see the ending. It was full of people from all over the world. It was the second time in my life I heard everyone speak in different languages. The first time was when I arrived in Hong Kong Airport. I temporary lost my mind until someone bumped into me and he fell down instead of me. Then instead of yelling at me, he stood up and said "I'm sorry", although it was obviously my fault because I looked at the ceiling while I was walking. It was one of the impressions when I came to the U.S. I was quite impressed by the life style, the people, and the culture in America.I took a small plane and flew to Virginia Beach. After getting my luggage, my aunt and her daughters went to pick me up and we drove back to my aunt's house. I couldn't sleep in the first night because I hadn't used to the time. My room was on the second floor, it was dark and quite. The only things I saw through the window in my room were some street lights from far away because my aunt's house in the end of the street and next to a small lake. There were no other sounds except the sound of wind blowing through trees and sometimes I heard some jumping noises came from the lake; I guessed the fish made them. Back Phuong Lam town which is a small town in Vietnam, my town is small but it always busy and noise all the time. A Street name Phu Lam was where I used to live at, there was a big club, and bunch of small restaurants which called " Quan Coc ", which meant eat, drink and talk, overnight every day next to my house. Therefore, I always heard people talking and motorbikes passing by even though it was three o'clock in the morning because houses in Vietnam were building next to each other and do not have any yard like in the U.S. In my hometown you can shout out loud and the neighbor cannot even hear anything. I still cannot forget the old dear noise in my home town even I have been living here in the U.S for four years now.After one week stayed at my aunt's house, I went to Tidewater Community College to sign up for the first semester. The public transportation was very disappointing because the bus only arrives every one hour (sometime two hours), and I had to wait for forty five minutes in the awfully cold December weather in the winter. Luckily, the transportation was bad; the bus driver was really nice and friendly. He said hi to everyone who got on the bus, and everybody said thanks to him when they left...

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