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I awoke violently from my slumber. Glass lay all around my person and my hand had been cut. As I looked away from the blood and in the direction of the yard I was completely stunned. A huge craft had crashed into my company’s yard and had bumped into one of the windows. As I peered up toward the ship my gaze was blocked by the exceedingly bright sun’s glare. For a moment, and then suddenly their figures appeared to me. Reptilian like aliens were boarding off of their now hovering, yet damaged craft. These bizarre creatures were sinuously headed for me in a matter of seconds. As I continually gawked through the incredibly enormous crystal windows out into the yard my mouth was gaped open in complete awe of such a ship. After all, these beings may be from a distant land imaginably hundreds or thousands of light years away. Although, to the rest of the world other than myself this magnificent ship was hidden. For beyond the bright crystal windows lies a boxed in yard with four off-white surrounding walls as tall as a prisons. For the most part, their skin give the impression of being slightly transparent revealing organs that humans do not possess.
Initially I thought the scene was a hallucination brought on by sleep deprivation since all throughout the night I had been busy writing a new book based on my most recent findings. Chiefly, my writing included further information about the missing link in the human chain of evolution. Subsequently, this notion also made me curious if they had any type of religions in their history or if it was purely scientific. Quickly I wondered what the time was because it may be an essential milestone in history. For even in the most illogical situations I nearly always managed to think logically. I poked the button on my holographic watch. A monotone woman’s voice spoke out in broken English “6 AM. June 19th. Happy Birthday Dr. Chiman. Temperature 87 degrees. Severe storms expected. Southeast wind. 30 knots.” I had forgotten that it was indeed my 32nd birthday. For a brief moment I was severely sidetracked by my own mortality. At this time I felt as if my novels, and scientific contributions were indeed inadequate compared to my unending ambition. In my heart I was still a young man always placing my career before love, and the concept of a family. All at once I felt like a failure for giving up the American idea of a happy life for this research that a vast majority of my species are not ready to accept. When I was born my Indian mother named me the Hindu word for curious, and it has ever since been fitting, even more so at this moment.
As inane as it may sound I always assumed that extraterrestrials traveled at night since that is when their crafts are typically spotted. As a scientist it made me marvel what their sleep patterns are like or if they have the need for a circadian like rhythm at all! All my life the questions have been so easily brought within my conscience stream it is finding the answers for...

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