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Meal O Oats, They're Cognitively Nutritious Essay

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Here at CogN’Stuff we research cognitive processes. We are a private research group that provides companies with studies that test the cognitive benefits of their products to the consumer. Cognitive psychology is concerned with the role of brain function in regards to memory, learning, and attention. Cognitive psychology not only plays a key role in determining the possible benefits of a product, but it also plays a role in advertising and how people take in the information that the company wants viewers to remember and pay attention to. The Breakfast Cereal Co. has contacted our research department to test the cognitive benefits of their new breakfast cereal Meal-o-Oats. I propose, that we proceed to test memory capacity in subjects after consumption of Meal-o-Oats.
Research is needed in many aspects. In general, conducting research allows for expanded understanding of how different variables can improve or inhibit functioning or processes. In regards to companies, research is needed in order to avoid making false claims about product benefits. It is unwise for a company to boast benefits that have not been researched, because doing so can weaken customer confidence and satisfaction.
Breakfast has been called the most important meal of the day. This is because breakfast provides your body with energy and nutrients that it needs to function throughout the day. The Breakfast Cereal Co. has come out with a new product Meal-o-Oats that contains three essential grains: wheat, barley, and corn. The Breakfast Cereal Co. wishes to promote their cereal by promoting its brain boosting qualities to promote sales. I propose we conduct a study of the effects of Meal-o-Oats on participant’s memory. Memory is a very important aspect of learning and functioning. Memory allows for the maintenance of knowledge over an extended amount of time. If our study on Meal-o-Oats, showed evidence of improvement in the capacity of memory, this could be a large selling point for The Breakfast Cereal Co. to advertise.
I suggest that we conduct a study in which we test the effects of Meal-o-Oats on participant’s memory. Working memory, or the memory that works on information currently being worked on, has a capacity of 7 plus or minus 2 items that it is capable of remembering. To test memory capacity, I propose we have two groups of participants: those who consume Meal-o-Oats, and those who are the control and do not consume Meal-o-Oats. The two groups will then partake in a memory span task where they are given series of words, numbers, or letters and then asked to recall them. The independent variable in the study would be whether or not the participants ate Meal-o-Oats and the dependent variable would be change in memory capacity. I predict that those participants who ate Meal-o-Oats before participating in the memory span task would have a greater memory span than those who simply completed the task also referred to as the control group. After...

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